6 Shoes Every Girl Needs In Her Life

Like Carrick Bradshaw once said “you can never have too many shoes” and tempting Kardashian shoe closet stories can never get out of your mind.With endless options of shoe trend each season and it is easy to fall in the trap and get swapped in just a month. While most of you want to buy each trend and as tempting as it looks to have a shoe closet all to yourself however it doesn’t seem quite possible with a budget. But we’ve got you covered, no matter what your budget is here is a list of shoes every girl should must have these staples.

The right pair of footwear can make all the difference to your look and you need to invest in a shoe collection which includes basics which would look good with any color or type of clothes and wouldn’t go out of trend even after years and that way you’ll be ready for any occasion with the perfect pair of shoes. And in case you want to extend your shoe collection to a slightly funky collection you can always do that, there is always room for a new pair of shoes. So, take a look t our 6 essential shoes every girl should have to be always ready for my occasion.

1. Must have a black pump

There is no need for me to mention this but in case you don’t have a pair of black pumps then get it right now. You can not do without one of these. Black pumps are one of those first pairs a girl buys. Black pumps are perfect for work outfits or it can also subtle the look with your blingy club outfits. I think you should must invest in a nice pair of Louboutins which would last you more than a decade.

2. Boots

Boots are a must in a girl’s wardrobe, obviously because it makes you look stylish even in winter with your oversized, layered clothes. You can also opt for stilettos boots with a midi length coat dress. It obviously doesn’t hurt have an extra pair of boots for your winter days.

3. Ballet flats

Ballet flats are one of the most comfortable footwear according to me. You can wear these beauties during the day, evening or while you’re traveling. These are definitely a staple and can never go out of trend. You can wear them with jeans and Indian wear as well.

4. Wedges

Wedges are the best alternative for heels. If you want to look tall and sexy but can’t Bare the pain of heels then opt for wedges. Wedges are cute and comfortable, it looks good with any kind of outfit. You can pair it up with a mini dress for your evening date or jeans for your brunch.

5. Sneaker

Your shoes collection isn’t complete without a pair of sneakers. Those days are gone when sneakers were born only during workout, sneakers have now become a must in everyone’s closet. To start with you invest in a classic white converse or a pair of vans. You can pair it up with not only with Jeans but also dresses and skirts.

6. Flat sandals

Most comfortable and versatile pair of footwear you can own is a black or tan flats which will go with almost all the outfits but most importantly it will be your best friend during summer. I cant even think of summer without my flats. And in case you like beaches invest in a pair of rubber flat sandal so that you can wear it to the beaches and you won’t even have to clean it.


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