6 Skin Care Tips Every Pregnant Women Should Know

Most pregnant women around the globe are susceptible to skin darkening, blemishes and pigmentation. This is because they experience hormonal fluctuations at regular intervals that causes a lot of chemical processes which in turn changes their skin appearance. Although hormonal imbalance cannot be prevented since its natural to all pregnant women, there are some simple and natural skincare tips to take care of your skin during pregnancy.

1. Drink a lot of water : Drinking at least 8 cups of water every day will help in flushing out the toxic substances from your body. In addition, water helps in boosting and regulating amniotic fluid production in your body which is appropriate for maintaining good health for both the mother and the child. If you find it difficult to drink 8 cups of water during pregnancy, you can consume it in other liquids forms like mango juice, coconut water, passion juice, soup etc.

2. Protect your face from direct sunlight
Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, a substance required by pregnant women for development of stronger and healthier fetus. Many doctors recommend sunlight basking to pregnant women for about 30 minutes every day so you can’t avoid going out to bask in the sun. So, whenever you expose yourself to sunlight, cover up the exposed body parts susceptible to darkening and pigmentation especially your face. Wearing a hat will prevent direct sun rays from hitting your face. In addition, use sunscreen every time during pregnancy.

Skin Care Tips For Pregnant Women
6 Skin Care Tips Every Pregnant Women Should Know

3. Eat balanced Diet
The developing fetus requires the essential nutrients for development of its internal organs and so their mothers need them as well. Beauty is not only brought about by exterior factors, the internal organs of the body should also be in good condition to give your skin a flawless glow. It is therefore important to eat food rich in essential nutrients.

4. Use Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are natural and safest ingredients for treating skin coloration in pregnant women. Most essential Alpha-Hydroxy Acid properties include glycolic acid and lactic acid. Glycolic acid is found in sugarcane while lactic acid on the other hand is found in milk. These substances are usually effective when it comes to treating pigmentation, although pregnant women should protect themselves from direct sunlight simultaneously after applying glycolic and lactic acid on their skin. Furthermore, to stop skin irritation, look for products that combines both lactic acid and glycolic acid, since lactic acid is a suitable moisturizer.

5. Stay away from chemicals
It’s important for pregnant women to avoid allergic substances that may cause negative reactions to them and their growing fetus. Make sure that the constituents in any product you are using are nontoxic and won’t be harmful on your baby. It’s recommended that you avoid chemicals such as steroids, hydroquinone and other toxic bleaching agents. These ingredients are always used for treating pigmentation and are usually bought without advice from dermatologists. This is unsafe because of the side effects these products may be associated with.

6. Moisturize your skin
Due to growing fetus and hormonal changes, pregnancy leaves behind stretch mark on your skin. There are many remedies such as coconut oil, olive oil and stretch creams free from chemical substances that gets rid of stretch marks on your stomach. Try any of these moisturizers to give you a healthier and lighter skin during pregnancy.

Final Verdict

Every pregnant woman should develop a healthy lifestyle to make these skin care tips produce desired results on their skin. Getting enough sleep, overcoming stress and exercising regularly are among the healthy lifestyle practices that every pregnant woman should take part in to get a flawless, glowing and healthy skin.