6 Types Of Bra Every Girl Should Own

Many girls are more focused on the types of dress they wear rather than the type of underwear. Going braless is an amazing feeling no doubt about that but that is not an option These are extremely essential and one should know what to wear with which kind of outfit. Bras are necessary not only for supporting your boobs but also for presenting them it a sexy and stylish way. There are many kinds of them some lifts it up and some give you the confidence to feel good about yourself.

There is a bra for each one of you, that suits your needs and style. There are loads of options out there some are comfortable then some are sexy, one must know each of these kinds. So for the girls who have no idea about the types of bra or for the women who want to know more about these we here bring you a guide on the 6 types of bras every girl should own in her lingerie drawer. So make sure to keep reading to get a full time knowledge about the basic part of clothing for every woman and every girl.

1. Basic bra

Basic bras are basically a t-shirt bra that every girl should own. They have a light padding and are extremely comfortable to wear, you can wear a t-shirt bra with basically everything and anything. Some people think these are similar to the padded and pushup bras, they are very similar except they are not.

2. Strapless bra

Strapless bras are definitely helpful but are also a bit tricky to carry, you might not be very comfortable with these but then if you want to ace an off shoulder dress without people looking at your bra strap then these are a saviour.

3. Backless bra or stick on bra

There are many times when you go shopping and like a certain dress but don’t buy it because you do not know how to carry the backless look. go for a good pair of a backless bra, if you want to experiment with sticky bras these will help in lifting up your cleavage and look good with those heavy, deep and bold necklines of yours. These will help in flaunting your back effortlessly and will make you party ready at the moment.

4. Pushup bra

Girls with tiny boobies, trust me these are something that makes miracles. Pushup bra is a must have for girls with small boobies as it will help to lift them u and show some cleavage that might help you in grabbing all the attention. So worry no more if you want a bra that is comfortable yet will make you look sex then these pieces are definitely for you.

5. Sports bra

Sports bra are the need of the hour, every other day you might have seen pictures of Bollywood actresses outside the gym wearing those sports brand pilate pants. And might be wondering how can they carry those looks, well the credit goes to a sports bra. These have no magic formula but are the deal-breaker, there is no other bra more comfortable than a sports bra, get your hands on them and you’ll know why.

6. Lace bra

Every woman wants to look stylish and style is something that gives us the confidence to step out it the world, wearing a lace bra will give you the same kind of confidence. These are extremely stylish and sexy and will help you in sex appeal. You might turn your partner on by wearing these sexy pieces of lingerie.


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