6 Vacation Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves splashing around in the waves or someone who loves trekking on the peaks of mountains, one thing is for sure vacations are the best time of the year. And wearing a proper kind of outfit makes them even better, by proper outfit we mean something that complements the scenic view. Doesn’t matter if you’re chilling on a beach or enjoying the natural beauty of the hill stations a proper outfit will always make you feel more confident, comfortable and picture ready without looking overdressed. So make sure you are packing the right outfit.

Since that can be something that’ll take a lot of time and effort, we sourced social media and came up with 6 best vacation outfits. Unsurprisingly the best ones came from the stylish fashion bloggers and famous influencers. The trick is to keep your wardrobe simple with a few fun layering pieces, something that’s trendy, comfortable and something that’s made out of your own wardrobe without any extra expenses on your budget. So if you’re planning for a vacation whether it is a coastal locale or hill stations, consider these vacation outfit ideas from the most stylish and influential women on the gram.

1. Denim shorts + halter neck crochet top + pair of tinted sunglasses

Denim can never go wrong, so if you’re planning a trip then make sure you get your hand on a good pair of denim and sunglasses which you can wear with crochet tops. You can use it as a beachwear as well as casual wear for days when you’re just going out with your bunch of friends.

2. High boots + knit stockings + solid color sweater + jacket + beanie

If you’re planning a vacay in the snow, an extra layer of clothing can always help. Try wearing clothes that can cover your body but at the same time are fashionable and can get you some great pictures. You can always experiment with pastel colors when it comes to sweaters, also for the jacket or fur coat, you can opt for something that will contrast the rest of the outfit.

3. Floral skirt + off-shoulder top + hat + flat + rattan bag + sunglasses

Summers are for bright colors and floral patterns. Good summer vacation means good food and great outfits, floral skirt topped with off shoulder blouse can tackle the summer wind and at the same time can also give you a stylish look, showing off your collar bones.

4. Slit maxi dress + hat + heels

If you’re on a cruise vacay and want to look classy yet fashionable, you can always opt for a pretty looking slit maxi dress and a hat paired with heels. It’ll give you your dream outfit that you often keep looking on social media like Instagram and Pinterest.

5. Denim skirt + swimsuit

Make things easier on yourself by wearing one piece that can double up as a top if you’re planning on dining at a nearby restaurant. And you can’t go wrong with a casual denim skirt. Beachwear is always the easiest outfit idea but adding denim to it gives you that extra edge. Also wearing bright colors like red to your beach vacay can give you the ultimate Baywatch inspired looks.

6. Kimono + bikini top + yoga pant

A lightweight kimono or a robe is a great cover-up for a beach vacation if you are sipping on your margarita while reading your favorite book. You can also add a hat and a good looking pair of sunglasses.


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