6 Ways To Style A Bodycon Dress

Over the years bodycon dresses have become a piece of clothing that indicates hotness, whether you are going for a shopping spree with your friends or on a date with your long time crush these dresses are extremely comfortable and fit every occasion. These are the go-to option for every girl who wants to flatter her body shape and wants to stand out in a crowd, there are various ways of wearing it and the most important thing is they are extremely versatile. It is all about creating a beautiful look that flatters your curves.

How To Make Perfect Puff

Most of us believe that bodycon dresses are only for the woman who has a perfect figure but with passing years there are no boundaries to look beautiful and the conventional perfect figure has changed now. If you are plus size or even a little skinny then don’t worry you can definitely get your hands on this piece of hotness and gather a lot of compliments for yourself. No one should have the right to tell you what to wear and what not if you feel like wearing it then you should definitely try it. Here are ways to style a bodycon dress,

1. Add layers to it

If you are someone who has a heavy body and is confused about whether to wear a bodycon dress or not, then don’t worry you can always look for ways that can add up to your outfit and make you look better. Adding layers to your outfit will naturally make you look slimmer as there will be no focal point. You can add a blazer or a denim jacket to your outfit and you can achieve that edgy relaxed look.

2. Pair it up with some chunky shoes

The good thing about style and fashion is that it keeps changing, thank god that now you can pair your dresses with shoes or sneakers unline 2002 where dresses and heels were the only pieces to team up with. You can get your hands on a chunky pair of shoes and style up with your bodycon dress this will give you a sporty look and will make you look hot at the same time.

3. Tie a statement belt around your waist

We see fashion bloggers and influencers adding a belt to everything, now that’s the trick add a belt with your bodycon dress and look like a fashionista.

4. Try on different prints and colors

It’s too boring to be solid so add colors and prints that will give your look a touch of colors and interesting patterns will glow up your days. Try on smaller prints and patterns that will make your body shape look a little slimmer and toned.

5. Go blingy

Glitters and sequins are the styles of the season, wearing a blingy dress to a party will definitely turn heads. These are something that should be chosen wisely if added too much to it, then it might look too over the top. Go for sequins or glitters and just leave it with that do not try to overdress yourself by adding accessories or pieces of jewelry, however, you can always match your makeup with the outfit you are wearing.

6. Accessories can do the magic

If you are wearing a simple solid bodycon dress then that might need a little glam, adding accessories are the perfect way of creating a different look instantly. Chunky jewelry and layered gold jewelry are something that is on-trend for the past few seasons. Do not forget to mix and match your jewelry with your outfit.


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