6 Ways To Style A Solid White T-shirt

We have heard a hundred times that white t-shirt are a staple of every girl’s wardrobe, and trust me nothing has changed over the past years white tee is still a piece of clothing that is mandatory in every closet. The best thing about a white tee is its versatililty that it can fit with literally anything and everything. You can wear a white t-shirt to your office as well as for a brunch with friends. These days fashion statement has been changed and even a simple white t-shirt can make you look good.

There are endless ways in which you can style a white t-shirt and girls find it easy to carry a casual tee and jeans rather than a heavy and bold dress or gown. It will go a long way and no matter what the season is this will work all round the year. Whether you prefer a torn jeans or a jacket and skirt white tee will make you feel confident and stylish at the same time. So if you are someone looking for ideas to style your single white top in several ways then here you go, we have brought you this guide full of ways to style a solid white t-shirt.

1. White tee with leggings and sneakers

We girls like wearing clothes that are comfortable but at the same time are stylish, so pairing leggings with a solid white tee is the best idea to wear something like that. Add a nice pair of sneakers to add some coolness to your outfit and just rock the look. Your can wear this casually on a regular day or also to gym.

2. White tee with midi skirt

Midi skirts give a decent look so you can opt for these as a workwear. Grab your white tee and wear it with a midi skirt this will make you look stylish and office ready. You can also add a blazer on top of it to make it look a bit more professional.

3. White tee with baggy pants

Baggy pants are one of the greatest discoveries of fashion world, these are extremely comfortable and will suit any kind of body or shape. Grab a white t-shirt and pair it with your denim baggy pants to give that chic and cool vibes.

4. White tee with high waisted skirts

High waisted skirts are something that has been a favourite, these are super stylish and accentuates every part of your body. You can also grab a buttoned high waisted skirt and team it up with a white tee, to dress it up a bit you can try wearing gold jewellery that will make you look decent yet stylish.

5. White tee with denim jacket and embroidered skirt

Take a note, one can never ever go wrong with denim and wearing denim jackets will enhance the beauty of a plain white t-shirt. You can get your hands on a pair of beautiful embroidered skirt and pair it with your white tee and denim jacket.

6. A white t-shirt as a dress

Yes, you can now wear your t-shirt as a dress and make it look like a bomb by adding the right accessories. Grab a nice bomber jacket and add a belt on the waist to add some shape to your outfit. You can also try adding a bag to complement your look. We have seen many actresses over the past few months wearing these casual avatars and rocking them all, you can also get your inspiration from these celebs and take your fashion game to another level.


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