6 Ways To Wear Dungarees

Summer is around the corner and I know many of you might be wondering how to update your summer wardrobe. Like florals, bright colors, patterns and pastels do not forget to include dungarees as well, these are extremely comfortable and easy to carry pair of clothing that will make you go down the memory lane, almost each one of us had a dungaree when we were young and now thankfully it’s back in fashion. These are the best pair to wear with your favorite t-shirts and crop tops, you can just put them on and you’ll be just good to go.

There are extremely comfortable and the best part is you can wear them for different occasions in different styles and you can rock each of the styles In a unique way. You can get a lot of inspiration from Instagrammers, influencers and fashion bloggers who definitely keep a check on the latest fashion trends, patterns, prints, and styles. If you are still wondering on how to wear dungarees then don’t worry we are here for you, so let us have a look at ways to style dungarees and rock the look,

1. Funky yet casual

Dungarees are something that can be styled as casual wear but with a funky vibe, if you are someone who is plus size then trust me these are made just for you. Go for the printed ones as they will make you look amazing and try on funky cool prints. You can style it up a bit by wearing it with your favorite earrings, you can add your chunky shoes or even with your flats. If the dungaree is shorter or has ankle-length then you can add high neck boots to finish up the look.

2. Dungarees for a concert

We bring you the coolest and trendy idea to wear a dungaree, these are absolutely perfect if you are planning to go to a concert with your gang. You can keep it casual by just pairing it with a graphic tee or can also dress it up by wearing a lacey crop top.

3. Street styling

The most common way of wearing a dungaree is with a t-shirt, you can add a little bit of DIY and change the entire look, get some funky badges and stickers that you can put on the dungaree this will make you go back to the old school days. Or else you can just keep it simple and casual by going for a denim dungaree, you can pair it with your favorite shoes or sandals.

4. Dungarees at work

It’s the best way you can wear a dungaree for the office. You just need to add a blazer on top of your dungaree and sum it up with a belt and you’ll be just good to go. This office look will make you look bossy and will show off your fashion skills.

5. Layering it with jackets

If it’s cold outside then don’t be afraid of layering up your outfit, add layers of jacket and a trench coat to it and you can finish it up with a braided hairstyle to keep the chic look going. You can also wear tights or leggings with your dungarees, this will give your outfit an instant transformation and will save you from the chill.

6. One strap dungarees

There’s no rocket science in this, you can wear your short dungarees with your favorite crop tops, t-shirts and also with shirts and leave one strap open this will give you a funky cool look that you can carry with ease.


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