7 Simple Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercise is an activity that helps in improving or maintaining physical fitness and general health and wellbeing. Physical exercise is an important activity that every woman should take part in to help with some common discomforts of pregnancy. It improves sleep, boosts mood and reduces pains and aches in addition to strengthening body muscles thus making it easier to recover your initial shape after delivery thus making it an important activity to every woman’s health.

Research shows that prenatal workout may also reduce the possibility of developing preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Here are some of the exercises that will make you stay fit and active during pregnancy.

7 Simple Exercises During Pregnancy

1. Walking
Walking is a suitable cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women. You can also do it almost anywhere and it does not require any exercise equipment and you can do it comfortably as long as you have good pair of shoes, and is safe to do from conception all the way to delivery.

2. Jogging
The type of physical exercise you involve yourself depends mostly on whether you are living in countryside or town. It’s easy to run in countryside areas because of unremitting natural features like hills, valleys and almost empty roads unlike in town where there are lots of buildings and busy roads. If you are living in a city, jogging is arguably an excellent alternative of running. You can jog in your room to exercise your cardiovascular and build strength and stability during pregnancy

3. Aerobics
Aerobic exercise encourages a healthy cardiovascular activity and helps in maintaining a good body shape. This exercise activity makes you flexible and feel assured that every movement is safe for both you and your unborn baby.

4. Swimming
Swimming is termed as the safest exercise for expectant women and encouraged by fitness experts and healthcare providers. Pregnant women should consider swimming in their regular exercise program since it exercises arms, legs and backbone, reduces swelling, improves cardiovascular functionality and makes you support extra weight you are carrying without much difficulties.

5. Yoga
Yoga helps in maintaining a healthier muscle tone and makes your joint strong and agile thus making you feel flexible. You can walk or swim on a regular basis to make yoga effective and easy to do.

6. Weight training
Weight training is an ideal way to strengthen and increase your muscles provided that you use appropriate techniques and stick to important precautions given to you by your weight trainer. Weight training will boost your muscular development which will in turn ease the expansion and contraction of birth canal during delivery.

7. Stretching
Making stretching exercise a regular workout during pregnancy will boost the performance of your cardiovascular system. Stretching is an ideal way to prevent muscle strain in addition to boosting flexibility in your body.

Exercise Safety during Pregnancy

If you were exercising prior to your pregnancy, continue with your exercise program and make any adjustments if required. If you didn’t engage in any physical exercise prior to your pregnancy, start by simple exercises and build progressively as you gain strength and experience. If you are in good physical shape, the risks of developing problems after physical activities are very low, hence you’ll not worry about early pregnancy loss, pre-term delivery, or low birth weight.

Final Verdict

Before you take part in any exercise routine, ensure you consult a doctor about exercising during your pregnant. Discuss any problems you have with your doctor if you feel that it may inhibit your exercise activity. However, don’t expect to lose considerable weight through exercise while you are expectant as the main purpose of exercises during pregnancy is to maintain a general fitness level and wellbeing throughout pregnancy.