7 Styling Tips That Will Immediately Make Your Outfit Look Classier

“The secret of elegance lies in the simplicity.” We agree with Christian Dior: Not only sometimes, but often less is more. For a classy look, it is worth using minimalism. In trend and very elegant look, for example, tone-on-tone combinations. Especially in white, black and other neutral or pastel colors, a completely monochrome outfit is anything but monotonous. In many cases, the less colors make up our outfit, the more elegant it looks. The minimalist concept also works for jewelry and other accessories: a few parts that are used sparingly can have the greatest impact.

The right shoes make every outfit more elegant

“Shoes change your body language and behavior. They lift you physically and mentally! ” Christian Louboutin knows what he’s talking about. Shoescan literally determine our demeanor. But you can also change the effect of an outfit very decisively: a simple, inexpensive shop look can immediately look luxurious and classy with a pair of high-quality shoes. Simple pumps look elegant, especially with a pointed toe section, because they make the foot narrower and the leg appear longer.

Pointed loafers or ballerinas also have the same effect. All of these models look particularly elegant when they are single-colored. For example, suede in natural tones like beige or gray looks great and can be combined in many ways. Last but not least for the sake of our feet: When it comes to shoes, it really pays to focus on quality

Noble does not mean expensive

“Never use the word ‘cheap’. Nowadays everyone can look chic in inexpensive clothing (which the rich also buy). Nowadays you can find good design in every price level. You can be the smartest person in the world in just a T-shirt and jeans, it’s up to you. ” Dear Karl Lagerfeld, we have almost nothing to add: clothing and accessories do not have to be expensive to look high quality and noble. When shopping, you should pay particular attention to the processing of the material: crooked seams and hanging threads are not only a strong indication of poor quality, they also do not make clothing look noble or luxurious. Sometimes a piece of clothing can also become more valuable with just a few simple steps: For example, if you simply want to upgrade a blazer or blouse, you can replace cheap-looking plastic buttons with more beautiful ones.

Noble basics

“The art of living is the art of right omission. It starts with talking and ends with the cleavage. ” With Coco, we practice the art of omitting correctly and go back to basics, because basics are the essence of every noble look. Probably the most inconspicuous garment with the greatest impact: a white T-shirt! The perfect white t-shirt can be combined with almost anything and has the ability to exude a touch of casual elegance. Classic white shirt blouses are similarly versatile and simple yet elegantor plain black dresses. For all basics as well as for all non-basics, the most important thing is that they fit perfectly. If you have a tailor who does not fit your optimally fitting clothes to your individual figure, you get a luxurious, tailor-made look without having to spend a lot of money.

Surprisingly classy

“Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion and surprise.” For Valentino Garavani, a noble, reserved outfit also needs a certain extra. A colored blazer on an otherwise completely white or black look can make a big difference, for example. Even surprising combinations, such as knee-high boots with a heel to a summery, airy maxi dress or an oversized sweater with pleated trousers, look a little eccentric and at the same time classy. For the brave: a reserved game with masculine cuts or details such as large analogue men’s watches is particularly striking without being intrusive.

Noble restraint

“A woman is only allowed to show so much that his imagination is awakened.” Audrey Hepburn not only exudes elegant restraint through her clothing , but pieces like turtlenecks and high-necked blouses can definitely help to give an elegantly reserved impression.

Elegant and fabulous, but not disguised

“Style is superior to fashion. He is inspired by fashion and takes up her ideas without taking them over completely. No one with a sense of style would radically change his way of dressing just for the sake of fashion. What distinguishes style from fashion is quality. ” Giorgio Armani reminds us that we don’t have to follow every trend or adopt it exactly as it is shown to us. In the end, a style of its own that brings out the personality is what makes us look elegant and fabulous.


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