7 Styling Tips To Transform Your Black Dress

How to style your black dress? A black dress is surely that every girl likes and dreams of wearing once in her lifetime. The only problem with a black dress is you should not look like a girl who is going for a funeral. Therefore styling it properly becomes very important. It is one of the most challenging outfits to actually style. Anything less will make you look completely flushed out and anything more will make you look like a goth queen. You have to be quite careful while dressing up your black dress. Proper accessorizing is the trick to achieving the perfect look.

A little black dress was officially started in the in the 1920’s. It was such a fashion statement those days because it was affordable, long lasting, versatile, affordable and accessible in the market. It was introduced by the iconic luxury brand Chanel back then. It was and still is a trend because it can be easily transformed and the major work is done by the accessories. One rule to be remembered is that you cannot accessorize it with more black accessories. You have to choose gold or silver shade scheme for accessorizing the little black dress.

1. Keep your earrings fairly simple

It is important to keep your earrings simple because you want your neck piece to show off rather than your earrings. Small dainty gold or silver earrings will be perfect for a little black dress. You can also go for small white stoned studs.

2. Your neck piece must draw attention

Since the outfit is more like a monochrome, wearing a chunky neck piece is crucial. If you are not comfortable with chunky neck pieces then you can layer 2 to 4 dainty pieces and still look good. The original little black dress had long strings of pearls that almost reached your waist. You can also layer up your pearl strings. Whatever might happen, do not wear a black neck piece. It will not show up anyways. A neck piece will draw proper attention and will pull off the dress together.

3. Wear stockings if you are not comfortable showing off your legs

Stockings can help you make your outfit little more comfortable. You can get nude stockings or the ones in black too. Forgot your waxing appointment? Stockings are here for your rescue. A good quality pair of stockings will last you for a very long time.

4. Handbag will also draw attention

Carrying a handbag will help tie your outfit together. When your outfit is fairly simple every piece of accessory adds to the outfit. You could go with gold or silver accented handbags will be the perfect combination to go with.

5. Belts can also help in improvising your style

Belts are a good way to gain attention to your waist. They synch your waist and makes it look like you have a naturally curvy body. A good chunky gold or silver belt will make you look like a goddess. So belt is an important accessory you must not forget.

6. What shoes to wear with my little black dress

Typically pumps look good with a little black dress. If you are not comfortable wearing heels then go for platform heels or wedges which are still going to look good with your outfit nevertheless.

7. You can add a pop of color if you wish to

If you want your favorite color to stand out then adding an accessory of that color will help. You can wear a belt or a shoe of that color and bring out that little hint of color.

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