7 Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Women experience thousands of hormonal during pregnancy period which in turn results to physical changes. Due to physical changes, there some regular chores that can be bad for the mother as well as the baby. Research shows that tedious and repetitive types of household tasks increases the possibilities of delivering a premature baby. Therefore, all pregnant women have a responsibility to take great care of themselves because there is a new life developing inside them. The big question that arises is; which housework tasks should they avoid during pregnancy? Expecting mothers should turn away from some housework activities including the ones listed below.

Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

1. Moving Heavy Weights
Pregnant women should not move or lift weight since it isn’t good for their health. This is because it strains sciatic nerves and lifting heavy objects may result to loss of equilibrium as it can severely harm the growing fetus as well as the mother to be. As the belly grows bigger, the pressure in the lower back, so pregnant women are much likely to encounter injuries if they carry heavy weights.

2. General Cleaning
Generally, cleaners contain some harsh chemicals can trigger allergic reactions when the skin is exposed to them. They may cause serious skin allergies and comes with long lasting problems. Apart from harming your skin, these chemicals can affect your internal organs as well. If cleaning activity is necessary or there is nobody around to help you, then it is recommended that you use ecofriendly products and ensure your room is well ventilated.

Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

3. Cleaning animal waste
Livestock waste contains many bacteria and parasites which when pregnant women come into contact with them unintentionally, they will easily penetrate into their body. Dogs and cats waste contains toxoplasmosis, a parasite that can cause a serious infection. So if there is nobody to help you clean animal waste in your compound, then consider wearing mask, gloves and ensure you cleanse your hands with antiseptic soap.

4. Bathroom Cleaning
Bathroom cleaning usually involves the use of some harsh chemicals, so it’s advisable for pregnant women to stop cleaning bathrooms harsh chemicals as this possibly will be harmful to not only their health but also their baby’s health. Since bathroom requires regular cleaning, then it’s recommended for pregnant women to their bathrooms with homemade cleaners because they come with pleasant smell and have no harmful side effects unlike other harsh chemicals available in marketplace.

5. Laundry
Expecting mothers should not participate in laundry as it isn’t good for their health. This is because it strains the sciatic nerve and in one way or another laundry might result to loss of equilibrium and in addition it may possibly bring about premature birth. However, when washing clothes, pregnant women should opt for eco-friendly detergents as an alternative but in in any case they should avoid heavy laundry activities. Doing laundry may cause serious pain in your back and may perhaps lead to stress.

6. Litter Cleaning
Pregnant women should be barred from collecting litter during pregnancy. This is because litter contains a parasite known as toxoplasma Gondi which is likely to infect the person collecting the litter and bring about severe disease that will have an effect on your and your baby’s health as well.

7. Cleaning curtains and ceiling
Pregnant women should avoid any task that requires standing or climbing on chairs. During pregnancy, women experience difficulties when keeping balance, as a result there is a higher possibility of falling. So expecting mothers should minimize standing on ladders, chairs and tables to reduce the chances of falling as it can lead to serious injuries to the mother.

Final Verdict

Besides avoiding these household chores, pregnant women should practice a healthy lifestyle like avoiding stress, exercising regularly, avoiding junk foods at unusual times such as munching sugary foods and on sour tamarind during night hours as well as living in a clean and comfortable environment. They should take ultimate care and protection of themselves since there is a new life developing inside them.