8 Retro Styles That Are Back In Trend

People say fashion changes but according to me it doesn’t, what we wear today is what our mothers wore 30 years back, the same Jeans, shirts, dresses. We draw inspiration from our past generations fashion, so fashion is still the same few changes make it different. This is why you should never through away your favorite pieces just because they have gone out of style.Well, fashion is cyclical what was a trend back then will certainly come back again. The summers are dominated by florals and tropical prints, the winters are dominated by duster coats and a black leather jacket.

And it is no coincidence that flare pants, polka dots that were popular decades ago are now back again. so this year there are some major comebacks from the 60s,70s, and 80s. Now people are ready to rock their vacation in crochet and fill their closets with flare pants and polka dot pieces. So if you’re a sucker of vintage clothing then you’re at the right place. No need to spend a fortune on new clothes just dig through the back of your closet and find something which you thought is no more in fashion and start a new trend by adding your personal touch.

1. Pussy-bow blouses

The pussy bow blouses were very popular amongst the 80s ladies and were considered as a sign of strength, as it was worn mostly by working women. This style was brought back by the popular brand Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent who took inspiration from late 19th century Gibson girls. The clothing was made popular on the runway and is now a power-dressing staple.

2. Plaid

The iconic early 90s style has made a comeback and how? Plaids were a staple back in the days and seem to have a strong impact on the millennials. People watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S series are a huge fan of Rachel green and her style, and one of her style staples are plaids. The 90s grunge style is making the youngsters crazy. There is a vast variety of plaids starting from coats to skirts. Plaids are the ultimate style chameleon and make you eye-catching.

3. Corsets

The corset has been a vital part of clothing for centuries in Europe. It was first invented in Italy and was later introduced to France in the 1500s. Whenever I think of the word corset the first thing comes to my mind is the Kardashians, the Kardashian is mostly seen wearing such clothes. Corset was primarily worn to give a required shape to the body but later it was modified and now it is worn by many celebrities as outerwear with better quality due to the new technology but not on a regular basis.

4. Tiny glasses

You must have seen the influencers wear tiny tinted glasses. The fashion of wearing tinted glasses wasfrom the 90s. As the 90s were full of amazing trends most of the present-day fashion is inspired by the 90s. The tiny tinted glasses added a pop to outfit and brings attention to your face. I would suggest you take it in a shade that would match most of your outfits. You can also wear it with your plain outfits to add a hint of color.

5. Graphic tees

Just dig through your closet and you will find many of them. Graphic tees were in fashion even before we were born, the trend as a kid also trended way before you were a kid. This cool retro style is back with some quirky sayings on it. Sowear a graphic tee and Express what you love or support in a fashionable way.


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