9 Different Tips To Style A Short Guy

Height definitely plays an important role in dressing up and if you have a short height then you might find shopping a tricky job. There are many people who need to alter most of their outfits just because they do not find clothes that match up with their height. There are companies who are innovating their designs and making clothes for not so tall men. They aim to minimize the tailor tax and making their customer happy and satisfied with this new range. So if you are not getting your exact size then do some research and you’ll find your desired outfit.

In this guide, we are going to discuss styling tips for the man who has short heigh, we are going to cover tips and tricks that will develop your styling sense. If you are someone who is short and wants to try on a new trend but is not getting outfits then don’t worry we are here for you. We have come up with ways that vertically challenged men to face each and every day with styling their clothes. There is a list of few things that you need to keep in mind so that your outfits look better and appealing.

1. Coats

Wearing coats will help create an illusion of height, so opt for trench coats this will help you look taller. If they are monochromatic it will make your body look streamlined and narrow. Go for neutral tones to get a variety in styling.

2. Right fitted suits

The right fit is very important a little odd in the fit might make your body look heavier or shorter, so make sure you get your clothes altered before you style them.

3. Little to break in the pants

By break in the pants we mean the amount of fabric that is bunched up over the ankle, it is better if there is less to no break. Because this will make you look even shorter and bring all the focus to your legs.

4. No pleated pants

Wearing pleated pants will make your thighs look heavier which will make you look even shorter, wide and tall is a rare combination that does not coexist.

5. Jackets

Many a time tailors do not cooperate to alter the clothes and this is because of the fabric, this makes it difficult to wear. Go for jackets if you are not getting a proper fit of coats, but before that make sure they have proper sleeve and body length and do not cover half of your body.

6. Style correct shorts that will enhance your height

Its been long since we have heard people saying that short people should stay away from shorts, but trust me you can also rock these shorts. Opt for shorts that are slim and wear them above the knees.

7. Right proportion

The right proportion is definitely something you should keep in mind before styling your outfit. If you are wearing a suit or a jacket or anything there should be a balance in the outfit and it should not look overdone.

8. Low contrasting footwear

shoes for shorter men can be a little tricky to choose, your shoes can help in creating an illusion to lengthen your body, go for softer colors that are not too heavy with the trousers and pants.

9. Accessory usage

Accessories are essential as it helps in adding elements to your outfit, they can make or break an outfit. How you style your accessories with respect to your clothes definitely makes a difference.


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