A Complete Guide To Wearing Right Bangles With Right Outfit

Bangles are one of the most traditional pieces of Indian Jewellery. But these traditional bangles have not lost their charm among the modern 21st-century women. In fact, modern bangles have been customized according to the latest trends and fashion. In its modernized version, bangles can be found in different styles and shapes like hexagon, square and octagonal shapes, and now bangles are also worn over western dresses. Wearing a bangle over a western dress adds a different flair to the dress. Wearing bangles shows femininity and ethnicity amongst women of all ages. Nowadays bangles come in a different material that is light-weighted and gives a stylish as well as a classic look to women wearing them.

Traditionally, bangles were worn to show the marital status of a woman, it was compulsory for the brides in India to adorn their hands with beautiful colored bangles. The traditional bridal look was incomplete without wearing bangles. Different regions of India was famous for different types and different material of bangles. For some regions, wearing red-colored bangles was important and for other regions, wearing glass bangles was important. But as time changed, bangle came to be worn by unmarried women. Bangles became a statement piece for most ethnic dresses. Gone are the days when only circular bangles were worn. Now ladies wear bangles of different shapes and they adorn these jewelry pieces with all kinds of dresses. Bangles are considered an ethnic piece, but now modern women are changing the way bangles are worn.

Now that you know how trending this jewelry is among women, let’s dive in to see you can wear right bangles with the right outfit

Matching Fancy Bangles

Every woman wear an ethnic dress for festivals or other occasions. And when you are wearing a colorful ethnic dress, a bangle that can match with your colorful outfits gives you a look to flaunt among the people. The bangle can be of any color that matches with any component of your ethnic attire. Just keep in mind, for ethnic outfits, the more number of bangles you wear, the better it looks.

One Large Bangle

When you are wearing a very heavy attire with lots of bling and shine, it’s not advisable to wear lots of bangles. It’s better to wear a single heavy bangle. This will give you a classic, sophisticated look and you won’t look over the top for the occasion.

Silver Bangles

Silver bangles are in trends now. And these are such trendy pieces that nowadays women wear beautiful silver bangles to their colleges. These bangles looks best with plain kurti and palazzo pants. When you are wearing a simple daily-wear ethnic outfit, you can add glam to the outfit by wearing these silver bangles.

Diamond Bangles

Although these bangles are expensive, it gives a classic and stylish look to your outfit. Diamond bangles can also be worn as a bracelet over a western dress. This gives an elegant and posh look to the women wearing it. But for a sophisticated look, wear just a single bangle.

Embroidered Bangles

Embroidered bangles were once in fashion in the 90s era. But they are again in trend now. Women wear these embroidered colorful bangles with their simple silk sarees. Wearing these bangles gives an elegant and feminine look the attire. No matter how simple your saree is, an embroidered bangle will add bling to your attire.

So ladies! No matter which kind of dress you are wearing, you can always add beautiful bangles to your outfit to give you a simple elegant and feminine look. So what are you waiting for? Add flair to your western or ethnic outfit with beautiful bangles.


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