Jeans: A Dark Wash Cheats Long Legs And A Firm Bottom

Not only the cut of a pair of jeans is decisive, the color also plays an important role. Which washing you should pay attention to next time you buy jeans so that your buttocks look crisper and you have legs up to the sky in them, we will reveal now. It is not without reason that we women compare buying jeans with an odyssey or a journey through the seven seas. After all, finding well-fitting pants is just as exhausting as finding the perfect bra. You probably know what we’re talking about! It can’t be that difficult to find denim pants that meet our requirements.

The perfect jeans should have an excellent fit, show off our buttocks perfectly and make the legs look slimmer. It is clear that boyfriend models definitely cheat thinner , because the loose cut makes our legs look more graceful, as the fabric only gives an idea of our body shape . What many of you probably do not know is that not only the cut is important, but also – you can guess three times – the wash, i.e. the color. It can be applied or, if you choose the right tone, you can slim down by pounds. You can find out here which shade is best and which one you should definitely avoid from now on.

This washing flatters every figure

Dark colors such as black, dark blue or dark gray not only look elegant, but are also beneficial for our figure . This is of course no secret, but many women underestimate the power of the right shade, even when buying jeans. That is why we recommend that you get a model with a dark wash. These make your legs look slimmer in no time. Strong bleaching on the thigh brings it into focus and makes it look smaller and thicker, which many naturally want to avoid. So watch out: on your next shopping touryou should make sure that your chosen variant is monochrome.

Nevertheless, the design can apply even if you follow this tip. Unfortunately, black trousers with gray-bleached areas are still not a slimming product, precisely because they are not completely one color. Nevertheless, you are of course not restricted when strolling. There are enough cuts that will convince you. Of course, our favorites are skinny jeans. But pieces with wide legs or free ankles are also popular now. But that’s not all that such a washing can do. Dark, tight denim variants in particular flatter the bottom. The fabric hugs there perfectly and emphasizes our curves, so that we have a real crack in it.

This is how you combine trousers with a dark wash

One advantage of jeans that skilfully showcase our legs is that they are an all-rounder in our wardrobes. For a long time now, looking slim has not only been possible with the right weight-loss tricks, but also with the right clothing, such as plain-colored pants. Another plus, of course, is that a simple design is also easy to style . For example , your legs come out even more if you combine midnight blue models with light tones such as cream or pastel colors. It gets sporty with a shirt and cool sneakers, which are currently particularly popular in white .

If you like it more serious, the trousers go well with blouses and sweaters with puff sleeves. Incidentally, with high heel boots you can enhance the effect of your new favorite jeans and stretch your legs even more. Do you want to buy a cool model straight away? Then take a look at our picture gallery above, in which we have linked the hottest jeans for you. We promise you that you can no longer imagine yourself without a model in a darker wash.

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