After Wedding – Checklist After The Wedding

It was emotional, exciting, wonderful, stressful – and usually over too quickly: the wedding is now in the past. Maybe the honeymoon is already behind the newlyweds and now it is time to follow up. In addition to the best memories, there are still some tasks that need to be done after the wedding.

Unpack the gifts

What usually began on a wedding table ends in the home and should of course be honored accordingly. Make a list of who gave what so that the thank you cards can also be sent individually. A personal letter is always better than a group email. Maybe a couple of wedding photos or souvenirs can be included if there were no favors. The imagination knows no limits.

Pay the unpaid bills of the celebration

A wedding is not just about the bride and groom. Assuming that the invitations have already been paid, the invoices of the responsible providers must also be paid. Catering, DJ, band, possibly the wedding carriage, the location, the wedding speaker, the photographer, maybe the clown, so that the little guests could be entertained. It is practical if a list has been drawn up in advance. This can then be processed at short notice and without spending a lot of time. A very time consuming part is changing names after the wedding. Accordingly, we dedicate an extra area to this topic:

The name change

Often a wedding also involves changing the surname of at least part of the bride and groom and it is hard to believe which tasks large and small are involved. If you scan the marriage certificate in advance, you can save yourself a lot of time and make most of the changes online. So you don’t have to visit every place personally or send a lot of letters. Due to data protection, at least a copy of the official document is usually required. Here is a list of areas of daily life that must be informed about the name change so that nobody is forgotten. Please note that this is just a general list. Individual things, such as customer cards or kindergartens, must of course also be taken into account.

Professional affairs

An internal email should be sent to colleagues on the job. Do not forget to change the signature and, if necessary, the e-mail address. The employer should of course also be informed of the new health insurance status and income tax bracket. Anyone who uses business cards for the job also has to reapply for them. You can immediately think of the customers who should perhaps also be informed about the name change.

But there are also many changes to be made in the private sector. The mailbox and doorbell signs, the social networks, the landlord, clubs … you can’t believe how many people and companies need to be informed. To be on the safe side, you can also check the cards in your wallet to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Regular suppliers for online orders, for example, can also be gradually informed when a new purchase is made.

Pictures from the wedding

When this is done you can come back to the personal part: the wedding photos. When all the photos of the photographer and the guests have arrived, treat yourself to a cozy evening with your spouse and review the celebration with the pictures. You can talk about how the images are best collected. Some couples want a classic wedding book. Photos can still be developed and glued in here, or books can be created and printed on the Internet. But a WeddyBird photo gallery is also possible. For this purpose, the images are uploaded to our site and the address and password are communicated to the guests. They can then look at the photos from home and reorder them for their own use if they want. Some bridal couples also add a selected number of photos to the thank you cards, on which the respective guests can be seen or a particularly beautiful picture of the bridal couple.

To remember the most beautiful day of your life every day, it doesn’t always have to be photos in picture frames. Some married couples have a picture printed on canvas or painted in oil.

After wedding photo shoot

The “After Wedding Photo Shooting” has become very popular. Since the wedding usually brings a lot of stress with it, the couple just slip into their wedding clothes again and relax in a beautiful atmosphere and conjure up wonderful memories. If you like things a little crazier, opt for “Trash in Dress”. It’s less about ruining the wedding clothes (after all, it was usually very expensive), but about extraordinary wedding pictures in extraordinary locations. Here pictures are taken in the wedding clothes in places that are completely untypical, such as in the water, lying on a meadow or in the mud, with perfectly smeared make-up or desolate hair. On a mountain top, under water, in the middle of the city, in a helicopter, there are no limits to the imagination to fulfill the wish of the newly married couple with their very own wedding photos.
But even if you don’t decide to do it, don’t forget to bring your clothes to the dry cleaner after the festivities.

The marriage contract

Many couples don’t even think about it these days. Nevertheless, the conversation should be conducted with the life partner. Nobody wishes to have to talk about separation before or after the wedding, but unfortunately you don’t always stay on a pink cloud and depending on the case, a spouse can become very vicious during a divorce. Even if you separate in peace, self-employed companies can perish in a divorce if there is no marriage contract.

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