All Bloggers Will Wear This Fashion Trend In 2021

The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end. So we didn’t miss it and looked around on social networks to see which fashion trend all bloggers will wear in 2021 …┬áThe turn of the year is slowly getting closer and closer, because it will soon be New Year’s Eve and we will ring in the new year. So it is high time we got acquainted with the fashion trends for 2021 . Because every year finally brings a number of new fashion trends with them, which are characterized by certain cuts, colors, patterns and materials and are brought to life by the great designers through their collections for the coming season.

But even though the fashion trends change every year, that doesn’t mean that we have to turn our entire wardrobe upside down and replace all old looks with new, hip fashion pieces. Often new fashion trends are a further development of past fashion trends. So that you can prepare for the new year in terms of fashion, we have already done research and scrolled through the social network Instagram to find out which trend the bloggers are on next year we will decide which must-haves to come and which trendy pieces we will not have to miss.

Bloggers are betting on this fashion trend in 2021

2020 was the year of the sweatpants . They were probably worn more often than ever before. After all, we spent a lot of time in our own four walls, which is why our cloakroom was always cozy. In the New Year we are still not tired of the convenience. Because we are not ready to just let them go again in 2021 either. After all, the fashionistas on Instagram such as the American fashion blogger Aimee Song or the Dutch Amaka Hamelijnck have already given us a glimpse of next year’s biggest fashion trend: Bye athleisure, hello Athflow! In 2020, the former was the trend.

When athleisure first developed, many people reacted in horror. Sports leggings andAre sneakers in the office a no-go ?! In the meantime, however, the trend has become so prevalent that we are also encountering it in more conservative industries. But sneakers and joggers will be replaced by Athflow next year, it’s the new athleisure and will be seen everywhere in 2021. At least that’s what our Instagram feed suggests. But what exactly is it all about? It describes a mixture of athleisure and elegance. In other words, comfortable clothing that looks chic. Wide trousers, soft flowing fabrics and oversize pieces are part of it. Pieces that are ultra cozy, but are not only intended for the couch, but are also professional enough for the office.

This year we practically lived in jogging pants. So it’s not surprising that at some point you get fed up with it and want to look a little more dressed again. Fortunately, the Athflow trend is now coming and we are styling ourselves cozy and chic. We don’t want to sit at our desk in uncomfortable clothes and overly styled. It therefore offers a good mix that is of great benefit to us right now. The outfits are characterized by the fact that they are very comfortable and airy, but unlike athleisure they don’t look like a gym.After the festive season, we can really use it, because the one or the other kilo through all the goodies make tight clothing a torture at first.

The Athflow trend also includes pieces like jeans – but only if they are nice and loose and we can easily master a few Pilates exercises in them. How you combine the pieces is entirely up to you. Possibilities include a cozy oversize sweater with wide trousers and coarse boots , a long blazer with a soft jumpsuit and boots or an XXL coat with wide leg jeans with cool sneakers. Two-piece outfits or lounge dresses are also perfect for a cozy, yet chic look.

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