A Perfect Look For The Golden Season

Hardly any other season is as colorful, diverse and characterized by warm, cozy colors as autumn. Colorful and rustling foliage everywhere, nature shines and looks enchanted and sometimes the temperatures are also pleasant, which enable a lively celebration. Autumn shows nature from its most beautiful side, which is why many bridal couples choose an autumn wedding. This is not only a special day for the bride and groom, it is also an occasion for the guest to dress appropriately and fashion-consciously for the wedding. Therefore, you should think about the perfect look in good time.

The golden season offers a breathtaking play of colors and no other season is so varied. Autumn brings a lot of variety when choosing an outfit. Warm colors like red, orange, brown and gold tones are very popular this time of year to create a gorgeous look. Since the weather in autumn can also be very changeable, the outfit should be chosen carefully, on the one hand to contribute to the atmospheric atmosphere and on the other hand to be able to withstand the changing temperatures and weather conditions.

Inspiration for women’s autumn wedding outfits

Short or long? Everyone can decide the length of the dress for themselves, as both variants are ideal in autumn. Here you can choose thicker fabrics that match the autumn ambience. A chic jumpsuit is also a real eye-catcher, especially in cooler temperatures. Should it be a bit simpler, a trouser suit is a good choice and keeps you warm in the cooler temperatures. It makes sense to choose beautiful, rich autumn colors, such as dark green or sand beige. Shoes with a wide heel are not only trendy at the moment, but also super advantageous in wet and muddy weather. The shoes should be simple, dark colors can be chosen so as not to distract from the outfit.

Pastel-colored ponchos or short woolen coats in simple colors such as pebble gray, camel or beige are ideal for throwing on. Monochrome blazers also give the outfit elegance and keep you warm. The choice of colors reflects the nature, the calm and the cosiness of the autumn time and adds to the atmosphere.

Choose accessories that match your outfit

Headgear gives the look that certain something. If you don’t want to do without it, you should match the color of the headgear with the outfit, for example by wearing the grosgrain ribbon on a hat the same color as the dress. A suitably selected, subtle jewelry underlines the outfit. A gentle necklace with a pendant or a chic bracelet are enough to give the outfit a highlight.

Autumn outfit for men

It is a little easier for men to choose the right wedding outfit. A classic black suitis timeless and suitable for this festive occasion in every season. The classic white color of the shirt can be swapped out for friendlier, autumnal colors. But suits in brown, gray or dark blue are also ideal colors for the golden season. The color of the shoes should harmonize with the suit. When choosing a tie or bow tie, it is important to ensure that they do not stand out too much and if so, then only with subtle patterns. The tie or bow tie should also match the suit jacket. Depending on your preference, a pocket square on the suit jacket is a good choice. You should also make sure that the color of the pocket square is based on the tie or bow tie.

If you like it a little more relaxed, you can also go a little casual in autumn. Shirts in pastel colors such as light blue, lilac, steel gray or warm autumn colors such as brick red or bronze can be chosen. Dark jeans with a shirt in conjunction with a leather belt in a matching color, as well as a subtle tie or bow tie ensure an elegant and autumnal outfit, suitable for an autumn wedding! A wristwatch is recommended as an accessory.

Make the wedding gifts stylish

When the perfect look for the autumn wedding is ready and you can hardly wait to rush into the celebration and congratulate the bride and groom on their happiness, you as a guest should also adapt the wedding gift to the autumn mood.

There are no limits to creativity when wrapping the gift. But if you want to think about something special, you shouldn’t hold back with the autumnal style. The guest does not have to go to the nearest shop for the decoration, because nature has a lot to offer. It is therefore worthwhile to just keep an eye out while taking a walk. Colorful leaves and chestnuts are typical features of autumn and are also abundant in the golden season. With the leaves, it is advisable to press them first so that they dry before using them for decorating. With the dried leaves you can wonderfully decorate the already wrapped wedding present.

If it is a smaller wedding present, it is possible to place it in an open box together with a bottle of wine. The box can be filled with leaves, small branches and chestnuts. Transparent wrapping paper is ideal for packaging. With the little tricks in the decoration, the gift will add to the mood and is an eye-catcher that will be remembered.
The overall package is crucial for a wonderful autumn celebration. The whole atmosphere is carried from the decoration to the guests to the gift table, the menu also changes a bit. But it doesn’t detract from the atmosphere, an exuberant celebration full of joy and fun doesn’t depend on a season.


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