Back To School Fashion Trend: Original Ways To Wear The Plaid Coat And Blazer

To ensure the transition from vacation to back to school, let’s take a look at the different ways to wear these endless basics. Variation around checkered coats and blazers. Difficult to project into autumn when the mercury is still reaching degrees. And yet, being one step ahead in terms of style is always the best option. So, to respond to the call of trends, we will slip into coats tattooed with grid prints as soon as the school year begins . Trench coat, overcoat, overshirt, blazer, plaid, cape… These pieces assigned to the fashionable autumn-winter wardrobe are sure to warm up our silhouettes by adding extra style.

Military at Versace, hipster at R13, in a reissued plaid at Dior, belted and with a Prince of Wales pattern at Alexander McQueen, the plaid coat is on all fronts, and the front rows . At the same time, we are considering the capes that are top of the bill for fall-winter 2020-2021 trends. Spotted on the backs of the models from the Isabel Marant, Valentino and Givenchy shows, the back-to-school capes are belted and prefer to be checked. And on the sidelines of the parades, we also think of the Mackintosh coat which plays in excess. Alter-ego of the trench coat (invented by Thomas Burberry), this light coat is the perfect compromise to start the fall on the right foot.



A British fashion wardrobe timepiece, the tartan remains the popular motif of the fashion sphere . Recognizable by its fabric adorned with vertical and horizontal lines crossed, the Scottish check ( as it is commonly called ) is the sure value of the re-entry when it slips on our coats.


With its azimuth of squares forming a few chevrons, the Prince of Wales print comes in all shapes and sizes and on all coats. Upholstered on an overshirt, a bomber, a parka or even a woolen cloth coat, this 19th century British motif ( which we owe to Edward VIII, the son of King Edward VII ), endures until being displayed on the coats of modern day fashionistas.


With its clean graphics, this minimalist print is the headliner of the most popular patterns of the fall. Projecting its stripes on chesterfields, a military overcoat, a pea coat or a woolen cloth coat, the window-pane pattern is a great ally for facing back to school with panache.


A signature of the Burberry house since the 1920s, the check motif never misses an opportunity to flourish in the streets of Fashion Week. If we know the iconic check-print trench coat from the British label, this pattern can be seen on quilted jackets, hooded coats and overcoats: coats that are cropped and buttoned up on the front.


Bucolic at will, this pattern imbued with a romantic style is ideal for seasonal coats. To ensure back to school, we will also bet on a pantsuit set littered with this stainless print.


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