Backless Trend: This Is The Perfect Bra

Backless dresses and tops are all the rage. But: which bra do you wear under a backless dress? We have the answer. Dresses and tops that leave the back section free ensure the absolute wow factor. Because as the saying goes: “A beautiful back can also delight”. Backless dresses are particularly popular on warm summer days . If it weren’t for this problem with the one below. Many people shy away from backless clothing because they simply don’t know which bra to wear under the backless piece. A normal bra is usually out of the question, after all, you don’t want the straps or the clasp to be visible. Of course, you could do without a bra completely, but very few feel comfortable without it. We will therefore show you which bras are invisible under backless clothes.

Bra solution 1: bras with a low back fastening : A normal bra is usually closed on the back below the shoulder blade. But there are also models in which the closure is much lower – namely so low that you cannot see it under backless clothes. for high-quality bras One of the most popular bras for dresses with a low back is the long bra from Wonderbra. It has a very deep back fastener, lined cups and a silicone band on the underbust, which prevents the bra from slipping and thus offers sufficient support even for large breasts.

Bra solution 2: adhesive bra for backless dress

In addition to bras with a deep back fastening, there is another solution for your backless dress or top: adhesive bras! Adhesive bras are particularly suitable for dresses with a very deep neckline or models with delicate straps that would show normal bra straps.
The self-adhesive bras have neither straps nor an underbust band. Rather, this underwear adheres to the chest through an adhesive layer. Adhesive bras are attached to the breast as follows:

1. The entire upper body should first be freed of cream residues and oils (this is best done with an alcohol-based facial toner). Otherwise the bra will not stick properly. 2. The protective film on the adhesive bra is now removed, the breast is shaped and the bra is placed on the breast. 3. If the bra does not fit properly under the backless dress, the position can be changed again afterwards. Tip: Be sure to keep the protective film for later. After wearing it, you can put it back on your adhesive bra. The entire upper body should initially be covered in cream residue Oilbe freed (this works best with an alcohol-based facial toner). Otherwise the bra will not stick properly.

Bra solution 3: bra lengthening

You don’t want to do without your normal bra and can’t do anything with the adhesive pieces? So-called low-back straps are an alternative. They transform any bra into a backless bra in no time at all. The straps are simply attached to the closure of your own bra on both sides, then crossed forwards and closed on the stomach. This pulls the fastener a little further down the back and makes it invisible for a backless dress.


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