Barrel Leg Pants: These Extremely Comfortable Pants Are Trending Now

Extremely wide cut, beautifully comfortable and super stylish: We are now wearing Barrel Leg Pants! In fashion things cannot be casual and relaxed enough at the moment. The days of skin-tight clothing are long gone, instead the motto is: the further, the better. This is also noticeable in terms of trouser trends. Because while skinny jeans and tight tube trousers are (for the time being) obsolete, comfortable trouser cuts have climbed very high on the fashion podium. At Wide Leg Pants , balloon pants and slouchy jeans The Barell Leg Pants: now another extremely comfortable trousers trend joins.

Barell Leg Pants: This is what the new pants trend looks like

Barrel means “barrel” in German and the cut of the new it jeans is reminiscent of the O-shape of a barrel. You are probably wondering how a pair of pants can look like a barrel? Very simple: The Barrel Leg Pants sit tightly in the waist (mostly high waist), while the pant legs are extremely voluminous (O-shaped) from the height of the thighs and become a little narrower towards the ankles.

Barrel Pants therefore look extremely similar to carrot pants and slouchy models. But if you take a closer look, you can quickly see how the new trousers stand out from the competition: Barrel models are cut much wider. This also creates the characteristic folds on the front waistband. In addition: Barrel Leg Pants are preferred to be worn cropped and therefore often end at a 7/8 length.

The most beautiful barrel leg pants for shopping:

The nice thing about the new pants: They are not only extremely comfortable, they are also available in all colors, designs and materials. For a casual day in the office, for example, plain-colored barrel pants made of linen are suitable . But cool barrel jeans made of robust denim are also particularly popular with fashion girls. They are styled casually with a white shirt and sneakers.

How do I properly combine Barrel Leg Pants?

Since Barrel Leg Pants are already cut extremely wide on the legs, the pants should be combined with figure-hugging tops. This can be, for example, a ribbed body, a thin turtleneck or a simple basic shirt. Also great: a crop top . This shows off the waistline. On the other hand, tops that provide additional volume, e.g. shirts with frills or flounces, are not so suitable.

Be sure to tuck your top into your waistband. This conjures up a particularly beautiful center and ensures that the overall look does not appear too voluminous.

Fashion professionals prefer to wear their barrel leg pants in a trendy style break. Means: Give the casual, comfortable look of the trousers a playful touch. Tops with delicate lace, girlish flower prints or delicate fabrics such as silk or satin are suitable for a mix of styles.

Which shoes do I style with Barrel Leg Pants?

The wide-cut pants (especially on short women) look particularly advantageous in combination with high shoes. Because shoes with heels stretch the silhouette and ensure that the overall look does not look compressed. Delicate strappy sandals , for example, form a nice contrast to the casual trousers . Of course, you can also style flat shoes with the O-shaped pants. Make sure, however, that these are not too bulky (keyword: chunky sneakers), as the pants already provide enough volume.


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