Wear Dresses According To Your Style | Be Your Style Icon

Every person is blessed with their sense of style and fashion. Some people like modern outfits while others like traditional Indian outfits. Not all women are interested in following fashion trends while some women follow every trend in every fashion season. Each person’s style is different and there are various aspects to a style that needs to be taken into consideration while determining the style. Wearing the right outfits is critical to look fashionable as well as stay cool in the heat.The perfect comfort, ease, style, and durability are the major concern about the female clothing.While all of us are were excited about our look.Wearing good clothes is popular in any age group and every fashion season, the trends in fashion keep changing.

It is important for people to not blindly follow any and every fashion that is happening and it is also important to not completely avoid the latest fashions. There are a lot more activities that you can do like deciding about the makeup, hair, Jewelry, etc.Most women in India can define their fashion as indo-western as many women wear both Indian, western and even fusion clothes. It is important to be your own style icon and the following are some ways how women can create their own style:

Type of Figure

Creating a personal style and becoming a style icon is a dream for most women. It is not as easy as it sounds. Many women need help with creating their personal style and one of the key aspects of personal style is choosing the right clothes for the body type. Every woman has a different figure and choosing clothes according to the figure is always smart. Curvy women have very different fashion styles than thin women and similarly some clothes look good on shorter women while other types of clothes work well for tall women.

Local Environment

Personal style is often created with influences of the local environment. The traditional dresses of the region are worn in a new stylish way and personal style usually includes local dresses and outfits that are suitable to the local environment. A girl in a modern part of Mumbai will wear different clothes from a girl in a small town in the heartland of the country. Personal style revolves around the type of clothing that is accessible and acceptable in society at the local level.


Every woman has a right to create her own style and become a style icon. But style has to be age appropriate. It does not mean that young girls cannot wear saris or older women cannot wear short dresses. It means that clothes, shoes, accessories and other fashion choices should suit the age and look stylish on a woman.

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Personal Preferences

The most important aspect of choosing dresses and outfits is personal style. Women need to choose from the existing fashions the dresses that suit them and that match their personal style. It is more about what they are comfortable in rather than choosing the fashion of the season and blindly following a trend. Women can assemble a wardrobe of stylish clothes that they like and do not have to change their wardrobe every fashion season. Fashion lasts a season or two but the style is timeless.

Creating a personal style and wearing a dress that looks stylish and matches the personal style will make women fashion icons. The above-mentioned variables help women in wearing dresses that help them in creating their style and becoming style icons.


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