Beanie Trends: These Models Bring Us Through The Winter In Style

When the temperature drops, it’s time for a warm hat. How good that there are so many different hats in trend this season. We’ll show you the most popular models. If it gets colder and colder outside, a thick coat and a cozy scarf should not be missing a very specific piece. We’re talking about a cap. Caps and hats keep us reliably warm in winter. In addition, the headgear has long since blossomed into an absolute trend accessory – and not just on cold days.┬áBecause whether it’s casual and cool or elegant and chic – the right hat makes your look more exciting immediately. We show you the most important hat styles for winter 2020/21 in our large trend guide.

THE trend in winter 2020/21 : Berets are currently more in demand than ever and are definitely the biggest trend in winter 2020/21. Did the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” contribute to the sudden hype? We do not know it. The fact is: without berets aka. Berets, as they are also often called, are nothing this season! How good that the trend accessories are now available in all sorts of versions: Made of felt or wool , in the leather version, patterned as well as classic in black or red – there should be the right model for everyone. The great thing: the hats look elegant and give every outfit that unmistakable French flair.┬áStyling tip: fashion professionals prefer to wear their berets authentically in combination with loose hair and red lips .

Bucket hats are one of the hat trends for winter 2020/21

Good news for all bucket hat fans: the bucket hats will continue to be trendy this winter. The designers have now given the hats a winter update and simply replaced the thin summer models with pieces made of cord , warm felt, fake fur or cuddly plush. And the leather version or hats made of velvet (order here from Mango *) are popular in the cold season.

Winter 2020/21: Beanies remain a trend

Beanies always work and are therefore one of the most popular hats ever in winter 2020/21. The accessories look super casual, are nice and comfortable and keep us reliably warm on top in the winter season. What will change this year? This winter, beanies are less oversized and therefore stick out minimally at the back of the head. Models with a large designer logo or other embroidery are particularly popular.

Current trend: helixing!

Street style girls and fashion bloggers are currently particularly fond of short-cut mini or mirco hats that end over the ears. The English name for the winter trend is: “Helixing”, based on the helix , the biological name for the inwardly curved upper edge of the auricle. This is exactly where the trend hats should end now.

It remains to be seen whether the ears-out version will keep you warm enough in winter. The short hats definitely look cool and go perfectly with casual wide leg jeans , comfortable hoodies and chunky Chelsea boots.


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