Beautiful Waterfall Hairstyle Step By Step Process | LIVE DEMO Must Try

Beautiful Waterfall Hairstyle Step By Step Process : Every woman will braid their hair to achieve gorgeous style and look beautiful before any occasion, whether it’s a classy event, a school function or a public meeting. Whatever the occasion possibly will be, plaiting your hair in a waterfall hairstyle is very simple at the same time interesting style that anybody out there can do. Though the waterfall hairstyle may look perplexed, it is a simple braiding practice that gives an amazing look while matching the rest of your body by keeping your hair flow completely and effortlessly.

Below we have added the complete step by steps about Making a Perfect Waterfall Hairstyle.  The First Part is Prepping Your Hair. 1. Collect the required materials : It’s important to have all of the required materials close to you and ready, so that you can maintain your hair the moment you’re through with plaiting. Items required include brush, spray water bottle, rat-tail comb, pomade, spray hair wax, four bobby pins and hairspray. 

2. Brush your hair : If your hair is dry, consider using a bristle hairbrush to brush your hair or else, use a wide-tooth comb if you have a wet hair to spread your hair and remove knots from your hair ends before you start braiding. When you are interweaving and gathering sections of hair, unraveling the sections may become more problematic if the split ends are tied together.

3. Create a side part

Adding a side part to a waterfall braid adds the cascading appearance to your hair. By splitting your hair, and tossing the parted hair towards the opposite end, your hair is to a large extent resembling a waterfall. You can also braid this hairstyle on hair that splits downwards from the middle of your head. Besides, a deep side piece adds a fine touch to your hair as well as a cascading waterfall appearance by flowing your hair on the opposite end.

4. Apply a smoothing serum to your hair

If you have a dry, irregular hair and want to make it smooth and easy to braid, consider applying a smoothing serum. This will help curb disorderly hairs, and prevent stray, unruly hairs from disengaging the braid.

Beautiful Waterfall Hairstyle

Second Part: Braiding Your Hair

1. Split your hair into portions

The first section has to be close to your brow, around your bangs. This section doesn’t need to be the same in size depending on the thickness of the braid you want to begin with. When the first section is bigger, the start of your waterfall braid will look thicker.

2. Split your first portion to three uniform parts

This can be done by using two fingers to draw the hair three equal sections. It’s also important to position your hand well when braiding hair. Typically the best way to hold your hair during braiding, is to hold two sections of hair using one hand, while the third portion should be on the other hand.

3. Complete one braid series

Start by moving the left and right portion over the middle section of hair. Once you complete making this sequence, start adding more hair outside the three first sections to the braid to create a french-braid. Then continue adding more hair to the “left” portion.

4. Add more hair to the braid

After completing the first series, add more hair to the braid by drawing hair from the upper part of your head, close to the section of hair you hold at that moment then then move the left hair portion towards the right then leave the right segment of hair to drop down and hang normally. This can be done by splitting a portion of hair from your upper head, and combining that piece with your left section of hair. Then drop your right hair section horizontally to give a waterfall appearance.

5. Finish the braid

End your braid by interweaving the three hair portions like a typical crossover braid. You can hold the bottom of the weave with an elastic band, clip or a bobby pin. They use some amount of hairspray to maintain your braid.

Final Verdict

This article along with the step by step video tutorial will make it easier for you to braid this exclusive hairstyle that will make you feel attractive and confident anywhere, anytime. Other women will not only be attracted by your hairstyle but will also want you tell them how to do it.