Bermuda Shorts Are Trendy – And This Is How You Combine Them Correctly!

Bermuda shorts are THE trend in summer 2020. Here you can find out what makes them so ingenious and how to combine the shorts correctly. Bermuda shorts, or simply Bermuda shorts, are currently in extremely high demand and are the new favorites of fashion professionals. For all of you who are now wondering what Bermuda shorts actually are: Bermuda shorts are short, usually slightly wider cut trousers, the hem of which extends to above the knee or just above it.

In addition to the wide version, there are also tight-fitting models that are somewhat reminiscent of cycling shorts . The genius of the shorts: They look elegant and casual at the same time, can be worn anywhere – whether in everyday life, in the office or in the club – and they are one thing above all: extremely comfortable! Already knew? Bermudas owe their name to the island group of the same name in the North Atlantic, which is famous for its Bermuda Triangle. There, the trend trousers are the normal office clothing for men and are combined with a shirt, tie and knee socks.

Combining Bermuda shorts: the most important styling rules

The nice thing about Bermudas: They are extremely diverse and can therefore also be combined with many different styles. Bermuda shorts made of leather (preferably in cognac colors), denim or summery linen are particularly popular at the moment. Fashion professionals now also like to style their trend piece oversized with a matching blazer in the trendy power suit look.

How to perfect your look with Bermuda shorts:

1. Bermudas shouldn’t be too tight. Otherwise the pants wear out quickly. In addition, the loose fit makes the pants so special. If in doubt, choose one size larger.

2. High-cut shorts that sit at the waist create a particularly beautiful center. The same applies to models with a paperbag collar.

3. For fitted Bermuda shorts: tuck the top into the waistband or choose a short crop top to emphasize the center of the body.

4. Models with a pleat in the middle look particularly elegant and are therefore absolutely suitable for the office.

Which top goes with Bermuda shorts?

Since Bermuda shorts, similar to culottes , usually have a slightly wider leg cut, you should wear tight-fitting tops around the top. Body-hugging bodies, skinny sweaters, and tight shirts work best. Also good with wide Bermuda shorts: short crop tops that focus on the waist. If, on the other hand, the shorts are a bit tighter or you want to consciously go for the loose oversize look, you can of course also combine wide tops with Bermudas. You should definitely put them in your waistband. Otherwise the look quickly looks bulky.

In addition, if the Bermuda pants are rather simple, the top can be a bit more conspicuous. Tops with playful details such as flounces, ruffles or lace form a particularly nice contrast to the casual shorts.

Which shoes to wear with Bermuda shorts?

Bermudas look particularly great in combination with shoes with heels. These can be classic pumps or mules with heels, but also the currently very popular strappy sandals . The high shoes make the shorts look elegant and visually lengthen the legs. With flat shoes like sneakers, dandy shoes, loafers or sandals, you can give the Bermuda look a casual touch.

This is how Bermudas are combined in a way that is suitable for business

Wearing Bermuda shorts in the office? Clear! In contrast to super tight shorts or cycling shorts , Bermudas are absolutely suitable for business. It is best to use plain-colored trousers in muted colors such as brown, black or beige. They look particularly elegant. Also suitable: models made of (artificial) leather or linen – preferably with a pleat.

You can easily combine a classic blouse and a blazer. By the way, it gets really cool when you combine the Bermuda shorts as a stylish two-piece. Means: Choose a blazer and pants in the same fabric and color. In addition, the blazer can be cut a little oversized.

Styling Bermuda shorts in winter: Here’s how

Good news for all Bermuda fans: the long shorts can be worn not only in spring and summer, but also in cold temperatures. As? Quite simply with boots with knee-high shafts or overknees ! What the pants lack in length, the shoes make up for. Add a cozy sweater and a warm jacket and the winter look is ready.

Tip: So that you don’t freeze, you should rely on firm, warm fabrics such as denim, cord or leather. If that is still too cold for you, you can also pull tights under your Bermuda shorts.


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