Best Bridal Hairstyles At Home In Hindi And How To Make Them

Best Bridal Hairstyles At Home and How to Make Them : It’s true that many people spend a lot of time dedicating to their wedding day, however, there are certainly some people who take part in such occasions and would like to end the day without a glitch: to be exact, the bridesmaids.

Since you’ll be required to buy shower gifts, wedding dress, bachelorette party expenses and much more the costs possibly will increase rapidly. So to help reduce the cost of your wedding, we list the step-by-step hair tutorials, to help you understand how to create impressive bridal hairstyle that can be mastered by both beginners and experienced women.

1. Criss Cross Flower Braid : Criss Cross flower braid is ideal for traditional Indian wedding ceremonies because of its simple and shiny bun. Adding ghungat to this sophisticated hair style will secure your hair and keep it deftly in place. Besides, the simple exclusive flowers completes the style of this pretty hair.   Materials Required :
Wide-toothed comb.
Hair donut (big).
Small flowers.
U pins.
Smoothening serum.
Hair elastic.
Fine-toothed comb.
Strong hold hairspray.

How to Style

1. Detach all the mesh and knots from your hair by use of a wide-toothed brush.
2. Spray some smoothening serum all over your hair to discard any frizz.
3. Separate your hair into two sections of hair (each with thickness of approximately 2 inches) from the left and the right side of your forehead.
4. Comb the remaining part of your hair backwards using a fine-toothed comb then strap it into a braid some inches above your neck.
5. Hold the end of your braid using a hair donut.

Best Bridal Hairstyles

6. Roll the hair donut up your braid while enfolding your hair on it.
7. Spread your hair evenly from your braid to the hair donut, to completely roll it after reaching the top of your braid
8. When the hair donut reaches the starting point of your braid, attach it on top of your head with U pins.
9. After pinning your hair, take the left portion of hair which you separated earlier in step 3, then make a crossover above the rolled hair and pin it on the right end.
10. Do the same to the opposite side of hair (right portion).
11. Use bobby pins to Attach 4 flowers to either right or left of your bun.
12. Apply some amount of hairspray to complete the process.

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2. Bumped Up Curls

A simple bumpit is capable of converting some hairstyle basics to a remarkable experience. This stunning curly hairstyle has been made superior by adding to the crown of brides’ head.
Materials Required.
Heat protectant.
Light hold hairspray.
1 inch curling iron.
Bobby pins.
Fine-toothed comb.

How to Style

1. Apply some heat protectant serum to your cleansed and dry hair.
2. Coil the lower half hair on the rear of your head, drawing them into sections of 1 inch thickness.
3. Add a bumpit below your hair at the top of your head.
4. Smoothen your top and sides hair in exception of your bangs and then use bobby pins to attach them halfway at the rear of your head.
5. Spray some hairspray to smoothen and glow your hair.

3. Curly Tendrils Updo

This style perfectly suits a dramatic wedding. It gives your curls a beautiful flow from your strands to your neck, it effortlessly matches your all types of earrings.
Materials Required.
Heat protectant.
U pins.
Hair donut.
1 inch curling iron.
Bobby pins.
Strong hold hairspray

How to Style

1. Make a start by spreading some heat protectant serum around your hair.
2. Curl your hair into 1 inch portions.
3. Plait your hair to make a high braid.
4. Use a hair donut to hold the lower end of your braid.
5. Roll, pile, and pin portions of your braid carefully against the donut.
6. Ensure your curls ends hang freely to form a tendril appearance.
7. Remove some hair strands from your temple.
8. Finish with some hairspray to cleanse, smoothen and shine your hair.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, these hairs are ideal for every bride not only in India but also the rest part of the world not forgetting the bridesmaids who get overwhelmed by a variety of hairstyles before wedding day. With these amazing styles regarding bride hair, you will feel confident and attractive during wedding day at the same time save your cash.