The Best Styling Tips For Curvy Women

A common mistake that many make: choose clothes that are too big. “Oversized fashion is still a trend, but not necessarily recommended for chubby women who, when in doubt, look as if they have thrown a tent on them,” explains fashion consultant Sonja Grau from Senden in Bavaria. “Women often choose the wrong size because they are only focused on wearing a certain size on their shield,” says Tiffany La, co-founder of the leading online fashion platform for XXL fashion. But it is much better to deliberately emphasize parts of the body instead of hiding everything.

“There are so many reasons to wear plus size – because of the wider bottom, the large bust size or the belly”, explains Milena Georg, fashion consultant at the style consultancy Zalon by Zalando. First you have to find out what you want to emphasize on your own body and what you prefer to hide.

Tips for women

With a V-shape:

The torso is strong in this type of figure. Legs and waist are subtle in comparison – they can be emphasized well. “You can do this if you dare to wear patterned trousers and skirts or bold colors while wearing calm colors and designs around the top,” explains La. Pants with flared legs are ideal for women with wide shoulders.

With a lot of gut:

“If you want to define yourself less by your belly, you emphasize the other advantages by placing the focus on the legs or slim ties,” explains Tiffany La. This can be implemented with longer tops. Short tops, on the other hand, compress the figure, which makes the upper body appear stronger.

With H-figure:

This figure type has hardly any curves – shoulder, waist and hip are roughly the same width. “Women with this figure, who don’t know what to emphasize at all, help to visually create a middle of the body,” explains Milena Georg. Wrapped dresses or wrapped blouses could help, or emphasizing the waist with a colored accessory – for example a cloth.

with strong legs:

“If you want to be on the safe side, go for trousers that are cut to the waist and are looser on the thighs,” advises expert La. But if you feel more comfortable in skinny jeans , you should wear them too. ”Light washes, especially at the widest parts of the thigh, are better avoided. Because that creates a large, eye-catching surface. Otherwise heel shoes visually lengthen the leg. La: “Here, like to choose wide heels and make sure they are comfortable.”

The following also applies: Have courage and try it out. At …

The color:

“The fashion rule that curvy women should wear dark colors is nonsense,” says Tiffany La. “It is often your own attitude in your head that you should change before you move your closet around.” Milena Georg also does not think anything about a color ban: “Wherever I want to look, I use strong tones. The rest can be kept discreet. “

The samples:

Here, too, you can let off steam. The Mu s ter would not be huge, but probably something like be kept larger, explains Georg: “For many small flowers appear on a large area of course massive than a few more.”

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