Blouse Tricks For Every Figure

Blouses come in very different styles. But not every blouse model automatically fits every figure. Whether for ladies with a large or small bust, with a little more on the hips or an athletic figure: Stilpalast shows which blouses go perfectly with the different figure types. At the same time we present you the very latest and beautiful blouses for online shopping.

Tips for the apple woman

Do you have a lot of breasts, voluptuous curves and are you a real stomach person? Then you are the so-called O-type, also called apple woman, because of your silhouette. Your female forms are by no means a disadvantage, because with the right outfit they can be perfectly staged and you will become a real splendor. When it comes to tops, you have to optically move your waist upwards. Empire style blouses (also wrap blouses) are ideal for you, because they are narrow in the underbust area and slightly flared underneath. The underbust area can also have a subtle decor.


Otherwise, you should exercise restraint with applications, sewn-on pockets, ruffles and other decorations. They make your bust look even more voluptuous. Instead of going for a high-necked blouse, you should choose one with a V-neck (ideally a slightly higher waisted). It is also ideal if the blouse reaches at least to the waist. Are you one of the big women? Then the cutting-edge long blouses are also a good choice. Extra tip: Especially with a large bust, it is very important to have a well-fitting bra that forms perfectly and does not show under the top. Smooth shell cups in the color nude are best for light blouses.

Tips for the pear woman

With your rather narrow upper body and your wider and very feminine hips, you are the so-called A-type, also known as a pear woman due to the shape. It is important for you to balance the proportions and accentuate your curves. The main focus should be on your upper body, neck and shoulders. Striking necklines or ruffles, for example, are expressly desired. To balance the proportions, you can also wear blouses with voluminous shoulders and balloon sleeves. These are currently very popular. Carmen blouses are also ideal for you, because they visually lengthen your slender shoulder line.

Pay attention to cuts that fit perfectly, but don’t constrict you too tightly at the waist. Otherwise you would only emphasize your slightly wider hips. Straight-cut blouses are also taboo for you. Extra tip: You can add great accents with statement chains or eye-catching earrings and scarves.

Tips for the hourglass woman

We can only congratulate you on your great curves, because as a so-called X-type (or hourglass woman) you can wear almost anything. With your outfits, make sure that you bring out your curves perfectly and do not hide them. A wonderful way to show off your bust size particularly well is to choose a blouse with a neckline. It does not matter how your cleavage flashes, it is only important that the neckline is as far away from the neck as possible. This will visually stretch your upper body at the same time. But you should avoid blouses with shoulder pads or with sewn-on breast pockets.

Extra tip: Use smaller accessories (fine, medium-length chains, narrow belts, etc.). Large statement pieces just unnecessarily throw your proportions off balance. Patterned blouse in a trendy design with a deep neckline and knots. Underneath you can wear a nice bra (only suitable in the evening) or a shirt with lace. A pair of narrow trousers ensures perfect proportions. From Zara, price: CHF 49.90

Tips for the newspaper woman

You don’t have too many curves and are built very straight, but do you have beautifully slim arms and legs that you are often envied for? Then you can count yourself to the figure type H, also lovingly called the newspaper woman. Your first priority is working out and conjuring up curves. With the right outfit, this is also possible. Blouses that are gathered at the hips or that can be knotted are perfect for you. Blouses with a classic hem are best tucked into pants. Optical highlights with frills, folds, pockets and draping in the chest area are expressly allowed. And with a V-neck you can conjure up a wonderful cleavage in no time. Last but not least, the trendy balloon sleeves visually widen your shoulders. Avoid loose and shapeless blouses. Extra tip: Large accessories such as necklaces, scarves or shawls also emphasize the newly gained proportions.

Tips for the cocktail woman

Your distinctive and slightly wider shoulders, your long legs and your narrow hips look extremely sporty. As an athletic Y-figure type, also known as a cocktail woman, you should let your delicate and feminine side come to the fore. Blouses made from fabrics that are as flowing, soft and fine as possible are ideal for you because they don’t make your upper body appear unnecessarily bulky. Reach for blouses with deep, narrow necklines in V-format that narrow you optically. The smaller your chest, the deeper the neckline can be. Long blouses (up to the hips or even longer) that make your broad shoulders appear narrower also have a balancing effect. However, you should keep your fingers off blouses with puff sleeves, shoulder pads, shoulder yokes and eye-catching breast pockets. Extra tip: You can achieve an additional optical extension of your athletic upper body with a long chain or a scarf.


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