Blue Red White Fashion Trend!

Dear readers, The ebb and flow of trends come and go in the fashion world – but the marine look is undoubtedly one of the classics that never go out of style! And there are many good reasons why the blue-red-white color combination is always at the top of fashion Olympus: the timeless stripe pattern and the clear colors are just right for every woman. In addition, the maritime style can be easily combined from elegant to casual to sporty. Also » Laura Kent has recognized the potential of this color trio and presents two looks in her current collection that are guaranteed to make your seafarer… er fashion heart beat faster.

Ship ahoy: the maritime layered look

The highlight: with the casual sweatshirt by Laura Kent you basically have everything you need to create a maritime look in no time at all. The white and blue striped cotton top not only convinces with its comfortable fit. The cheeky patches also make the sweatshirt a real eye-catcher.

The basics: straight-cut jeans go particularly well with the casual style of your new favorite sweatshirt. Our favorite is the dark blue model by Laura Kent . The jeans immediately convinced us with their destroyed effects, the trendy button placket and the fashionable dividing seams, did you? By the way, the white blouse with side slits is ideal as a partner for a striped shirt and jeans. With the long-cut model, which flashes cheekily from under the elastic rib end, you give your marine look an additional, summer-free, carefree touch.

The accessories: what fits better than beach and sea? Well, we find that the clip earrings with the sparkling rock crystals match your outfit perfectly, because they are reminiscent of the glitter of the sun on the water surface. And with a red accessory in your hair, such as a hair band or a cloth , you skillfully bow to the red patches on the sweatshirt.

No-Gos: A really bad choice for a boat trip are »high heels . We therefore recommend comfortable slippers as a more suitable addition to the marine look. Thanks to their continuous platform outsole, the sporty white loafers are fully suitable for boating, while the knot-like bow can keep up with some sailor’s knots.

Fashionable ensemble for every occasion

The highlight: Who doesn’t know it : you’re at a garden party, wearing a summer outfit, and it gets noticeably cooler at an advanced hour. Good luck to those who have a warm sweat jacket with them! Of course not just any sweat jacket, but one that complements your look harmoniously. With the waisted model by Laura Kent you kill two birds with one stone: It provides cozy warmth and can be combined with »jeans as well as with a skirt. The maritime-inspired sweat jacket also scores with numerous details such as the chic stand-up collar, the black grosgrain ribbon and the fashionable patches.

The basics: Even convinced braces can occasionally be drawn to a skirt in hot temperatures. With the trendy sweat skirt by Laura Kent , the change is really not difficult. With the barely knee-length, navy blue specimen, it is very easy to stay true to the sporty look – and it is also comfortable. And have you already discovered the decorative ribbon on the side? So much attention to detail simply deserves a place in your closet, doesn’t it?

The accessories: The blue, red and white color trio matches both gold and silver jewelry, but we prefer the informal look with a silver-colored wrap bracelet with glittering crystal trimmings. White lace-up shoes with platform soles and lace trimmings round off the casual look perfectly.

No-gos: Even if the color red plays an important role in the current fashion trend, you should only use this shade very discreetly – as is well known, sometimes less is more. The silver-colored necklace with a red heart pendant adds a stylish splash of color without overloading the look.

Last but not least, we would like to give you some advice in terms of hairstyle and make-up: the color combination of blue, red and white makes the complexion shine. For hair and make-up, you should therefore also look for a naturally fresh look. And then it says: raise anchor and set sail – in which outfit are you going on a long trip? Let us know in the comments!


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