Bridal Shoes With A Difference

The days of classic high heels from picture books and uncomfortable dance interludes on the big day are finally over! Because in addition to increasingly individual dresses and accessories, the bride’s feet also dare to step into increasingly unusual steps. We have gathered three great inspirations from our brides:

Glamorous and comfortable

The attributes “comfortable” and “high heel” are always mutually exclusive? Not correct! Because there are numerous shoe manufacturers who have made it their business to finally make a glamorous appearance with heels possible! Because little brides in particular benefit from a few centimeters more on their big day when it comes to their big appearance.

5 tips for buying the perfect heel shoes:

1.) Advice from a specialist

Especially in specialist shops for bridal and evening wear, the specialist knows how important a painless celebration is in order to enjoy your own wedding to the fullest. So take full advantage of the advice!

2.) Avoid online shopping

Even if the oversized range offered by numerous online retailers is tempting: Especially when buying bridal shoes, you need to try them on or two. Ordering and, if necessary, sending back heel shoes is therefore in most cases more stressful than it seems at first glance.

3.) It depends on the quality!

Many brides make the mistake of investing a lot of budget in the dress and even less in the bridal shoes. But the same applies there: Soft, high-quality leather not only has a different breathability than artificial materials, but also hugs your feet better.

4.) Run, dear bride, run!

New high heels are always associated with the risk of becoming stiff and painful after a short time. So take your time and warm up in the weeks leading up to your big day! Because that’s how shoes and feet have got used to each other.

5.) Your companion: the emergency set

Even the most comfortable high heel shoe can become a little test on the wedding day in the long run. So prepare yourself with small, additional pads or blister plasters for the worst case scenario.

It’s sneaker time!

For many, the classic sneaker has not only been the number one everyday companion for decades, but has also blossomed into an accessory suitable for catwalks. So why not just get married in great sneakers ?! In addition to trendy Chucks, AirMax or Superstar’s, there are now also very romantic models with delicate lace, glittering applications and many other details that make the heart of a thoroughbred bride beat faster. So: Go to the next sneaker store and just browse!

It can also be done individually

Every wedding impresses with its individual touch, which is reflected in different details. Be it the decoration with personal elements, a connecting motto or a special story that is continuously told throughout the day. So why not include the shoes in these individual thoughts? Instead of taking a model off the rack, there are numerous options for lovingly adapting this element too. Regardless of whether it is the embroidered names of the bride and groom, materials that match the overall motto, or hidden highlights in the shoe or on the sole – let your creativity run free with the right footwear and defy the traditional expectations of your guests


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