Business Class – Styling Tips For The Office

In business fashion, too, you have to adhere to certain rules in order to appear appropriately in your job and to be perfectly dressed. The outfit should be subtle, but stylish, classic, but not down-to-earth and not distract from work and your own abilities. Business as casual is rarely said, although here too the dress code is more or less strictly formulated depending on the industry. Follow your own style, because then you will certainly look confident.

Do’s and don’ts :¬†Excerpts that are too deep are not only irritating, they are also impolite. True to the motto: The bigger the event, the bigger the decollete can be if you appear high-necked at the desk and then cut out deeper for the gala. Equally reluctant to see too much bare skin on the arms. If you are in a relaxed atmosphere, e.g. B. an advertising agency works, a lot is possible, generally it is more of a no go.¬†+ Styling tip + Blouses with small, cropped sleeves or jackets with half an arm are perfect for hot summer days. Worn over a top, they are still airy.

Also on the foot, more is more. Sandals and open shoes do not belong in the office. A closed shoe is always the order of the day here. If you still want to give your foot some air, you can grab a peep toe on hot days. They leave your toes free and still look “complete”.

Anything but bourgeois

Costumes are not only the first choice in the office, but have also found their way back onto the catwalks. Whether in the sexy 40s style à la Doris Day or Lauren Bacall or cool and extravagant like the new Chanel or Gucci costumes, they appear elegant, but determined and confident.

The pants suit is less feminine than a costume. In classic job sectors, always a guarantee for a perfect and safe appearance. Waisted blazers can be combined with casual or elegant trousers to narrow or very wide trousers, making the all-rounder trendy and feminine at the same time. Short cardigans can be worn perfectly with narrow pants as well as with all skirts.

Staring instead of spills

But the golden rule for every office outfit is: Quality is a must. Two high-quality outfits are better than five inexpensive versions. Because you can definitely see the difference. When buying a business costume, you should therefore always remember that this is an investment in the future. You should also stay away from overly fashionable combinations. Fancy cuts and colors usually only last one season in fashion.

The perfect fit is also essential. You have to feel comfortable to be able to perform safely.

+ Styling tip + Emphasize your strengths (like a nice waist) and conceal your weaknesses (like strong thighs).

For those who do not feel completely at home in the classic full outfit, dark jeans, which is now suitable for business, is a real alternative. Worn with a blouse and jacket, this combination is certainly not out of the ordinary. In addition, a noble shoe and a stylish counterpart have been created.

A little bit of color is necessary

You should also be careful when it comes to color in the office. As a rule, muted colors or unisex colors dominate the business world. Black, gray, navy, beige. But in general, color can be natural. But it depends on the right dosage.

+ Styling tip +Bright colors can be toned down by combining them with soft, reserved tones. A beige jacket with a green skirt. The same applies to prints. Better to be less large and striking or simply wear it with a classic piece. Like a patterned dress with a classic blazer. But great accessories can also bring color into play. Because so that the look does not become too conservative, every business outfit can be styled with colored silk scarves or a great chain.

When it comes to jewelry, one should keep the following in mind: less, as is so often the case, more. Chain plus earrings plus bracelets plus rings are too much for every outfit, whether in the office or at a party. Limit yourself to a chain or a nice watch and steer clear of cheap costume jewelry.


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