Business Talk: Tights In The Office For Summer?

As a business woman, do I have to wear tights in the office in the summer? A pair of tights – if it is warm outside anyway and it would be so airy in a dress without tights? The basic answer is: yes! Tights in the office are a must in “good old business”. Also in the summer. Why is that so? It just looks very neat and therefore serious when your legs are smooth and evenly tinted. And that is exactly why the tights have established themselves as an “optical soft focus”.

Tights: yes or no?

There are some industries where you have to wear the tights in the office. That is the “old economy”. This means banks, insurance companies, law firms, hotels, in the personnel area, in sales, etc. Sectors that have a lot of customer traffic or even handle customer funds. Then there are industries in which the dress codes are basically more casual. I’m thinking of IT, marketing or social media. There it could be that the tights even come across as “gritty”. Then better leave them out!

A look at your legs …

Now, for God’s sake, I don’t want to encourage a woman to be even more self-critical than most women already are.
Just look at your legs in the mirror as objectively as possible and answer the following questions:

  • Do your legs have uneven pigmentation?
  • Do you have varicose veins?
  • Do you have visible cellulite?

If you answered the question with a clear “yes”, your legs will look smoother and more supple with tights.

How long is the dress or skirt?

You should answer the question about the length of the skirt or dress while sitting. Because the higher the skirt slips when sitting, the more tights are popular. If the skirt is so wide and long that the knee is covered by the fabric or only the knee can be seen, you can – if all other points are correct – do without the tights. The skirt slides tremendously upwards while sitting – so that you can see your legs more than a hand’s width above the knee, then you should choose the serious variant with tights.

What position do you have in the company?

Here are two very simple rules:

The higher in the hierarchy you are , the more natural a pantyhose for you should be.


The higher in the hierarchy you want to come , the more natural a pantyhose for you should be here.


TipĀ  1
Find the tights that come closest to your skin color. Be picky like choosing a makeup foundation!

TipĀ  2
Only wear matte tights. Shiny tights look unnatural and make your legs look thicker because they are bulky.

Tip 3
Take very thin tights. “Denier” (Den for short) is the name for the weight of the yarn per 9000 meters in grams. That means, the higher the den value, the heavier / thicker the yarn. See if you can get 10 denier tights. They are so thin that they look very natural.

Tip 4
Smooth shaved legs should go without saying.

Tip 5
You want to wear open shoes and you don’t want your tights to be recognized? Then you absolutely need toeless tights! This leaves your toes free and is attached to the big toe with the help of a loop. The toeless tights now sit so that the transition from the tights to the toes is covered by the straps of your open shoes.

You found these recommendations helpful and want to learn more tips and tricks about styling for your job? Then find out more about style strategy – Claudia Reuschenbach will show you how to appear stylish on every occasion.

Are you all right? Take the opportunity and write in the comments what questions you have about the business casual look.


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