Caring For And Cleaning Shoes Properly

I love shoes. If you were a man and I were not married, I would make an application to them immediately. So that we can remain loyal to them for a long time, they must of course be properly cared for. This includes not only cleaning, but at the same time caring for them. Today we’re going to show you how to keep the relationship with your favorite shoes going long enough.

Before wearing for the first time

Before wearing for the first time, all shoes should be impregnated to protect them from dirt and moisture. This should be done regularly, especially with high-quality leather shoes or hiking, outdoor, winter and autumn shoes. No other care products should be used before impregnation to ensure that the impregnation spray penetrates completely. The spraying process should be repeated at least three times for best results. Excess moisture can be massaged in with a nylon stocking.

After the first wear

The impregnation may then be repeated after 8 to 10 days. Here it is important to clean the shoes thoroughly beforehand . Otherwise it can happen that the impregnation includes the dirt.

Smooth leather shoes

Leather is a natural material that needs food to remain durable. Daily use reduces the water and fat substances in the leather. As a result, the elasticity is lost, cracks appear and dirt particles settle. In the long run, your leather shoes will lose their beautiful appearance. Proper and, above all, regular maintenance can prevent this. First you should clean your smooth leather shoes with a soft brush . The appropriate shoe polish can then be applied with a fine cloth or sponge . This differs in shoe wax and pomade . Both have similar ingredients. The shoe pomade has higher proportions of oils, fats and softer waxes. Pomade, however, consists of harder waxes. The cream you prefer should definitely be allowed to soak in a little before the shoes are finally polished.

If the soles are also made of smooth leather, they should be treated with a leather sole oil at least once a season . Simply spread with a brush and let dry.

Suede shoes

Suede leather should be cleaned with a suitable suede brush, stone or eraser . There are special care products for stubborn dirt on the market. However, shoe polish that is suitable for smooth leather should never be used. Suede leather would lose its unique, velvety surface.

Shoes with textile surfaces

Textile shoes may be treated with a damp cloth . If that doesn’t help, you can put a little liquid hand soap on the cloth. Light soles can be worked on with a damp sponge . Also here applies: If this does not help, put some soap on the sponge. For stubborn dirt, I use a dirt eraser .¬†Slightly moistened, this little miracle can work. Even if the outer fabric is made of fabric, you should never put the shoes in the washing machine. Otherwise the rubber of the sole will become porous in the long run.

After care – the right storage for your shoes

Shoe tree

So that your shoes keep their shape and to prevent gussets, you should use shoe trees, especially for goodyear welted leather shoes. These are made of plastic and wood . Shoe trees made of wood have the advantage that they can absorb moisture.


During longer breaks, your favorite leather shoes can be kept lightly creamed in a textile bag . If there is no such thing, the original box can of course also be used as a storage location. However, it is always advisable to include a bag of silica gel in the packaging or, if available, several bags in each shoe. These absorb moisture and also prevent bad smells.

Favorite shoes, So they stay beautiful longer

Do you also have a pair of shoes that are as close to your heart as I am? Then just follow a few of these tips and they will stay with you for a long time. Your shoes and our environment – in terms of sustainability – will thank us.


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