Certain Psychological Facts About Women’s Fashion Clothing

Clothing in earlier times was considered to be a means to protect you from the elements of weather to some extent. Later, with the development of a number of types of fabrics, it was considered for its aesthetic appeal. Studies now show that what you wear can have a profound effect on you psychologically. They reiterate that it has the capacity to influence your mood as well. considering the fact that the cut and the type of fabric can make you look thinner, plumper or taller and all others in between, you can easily conclude that it contributes in a big way in enhancing yourself image and thereby your confidence.

What you wear is no longer meant to preserve your modesty or to protect you from the elements of weather. It is now all about looking trendy and being in-fashion for the visual illusion created by clothing it could well be a deciding factor in case of employment, love life and even having friends around you. clothing and fashion clothing in that is that important.

The psychology behind fashion clothing

Research-based studies show that it is common for people especially women to keep away from other women who wear dresses that are unfashionable or outdated. This explains why women shop more often for clothes and accessories when compared to men. Amazingly, it is indeed interesting to note that it is the dressing sense that the men notice when they see a woman. Another psychological fact behind women going in for fashion clothing could be due to the fact that generally, people and women in particular only like and believe someone whose dressing style resembles their style in some way. This clearly shows why fashion clothing sells like hotcakes for a season and the sales drop after the peak period.

Colors and lines and the illusions that they create

Though all colors are appealing, certaincolors seem to be scoring high in terms of appeal and the message they convey about you. Research studies show that women are asked for a date out by men when they are wearing a red dress. When a person approaches a woman, they are likely to approach women wearing red more faster than one wearing blue. This could well account for the fact that there would be at least one garment that is designed with red color fabric in any of the fashion shows.

Similarly, the use of patterned fabric makes the eye to take a long time moving across the fabric. This would make a person look plumper. Vertical lines in clothing can make you look taller. But, it is meant for women without curves and bumps for the effect would be completely countered in such a situation. Diagonal lines, however, can make you look slimmer and it is, in fact, the most preferred style in case of fashion garments that are popular for a long period of time.
Dressing fashion and employment

Women who dress like their women bosses do stand a chance of getting the job or being promoted quickly. When it comes to job interviews, candidates who dress up in a masculine style stand a chance of getting appointed when compared to those who are dressed over femininely. Research has also shown that if you wish to get selected or chosen for the job, you need to be less anxious and depressed. They point hands to make the right choice of dress as the most important factor to make you less depressed and anxious and face the interview, presentation, etc with utmost confidence.

Last but not least research studies also point out that women, in general, wear only half the clothes they own! Is it something to do with fashion psychology?

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