Change In Fashion Trends Over The Time Among The Indian Women

Fashion is a way of expressing our self to the world outside. By different aspects keeping in our mind we can reveal our personality in a more amicable way to the social groups we are attached with. These aspects include sense of choosing our clothing, accessories, hairstyle, footwear, and most importantly our lifestyle.

Fashion never dies. It was never a time when the term “fashion” doesn’t exist. Like tidal wave of a sea changes its path over the time and comes back with different dynamics, fashion also changes its attitude over the time. Since India is a land of diversity and creativity, fashion has changed its dynamics among Indian women at a much larger scale.

Changes in fashion trends:

Bollywood industry is a reflection mirror of the latest fashion trends of all times. These trends were admired and followed by women of all the ages.


Clothing plays an important role while reflecting our inner beauty. It has tremendously changed over the years. During the British rule, the clothing fashion was highly influenced by Britishers. During the Swadeshi movement Indian Woman used to wear sarees with blouse and petticoats. Khadi fabric was used by the women to show their aggression against the British and their mills. They used to part their hairs and curl their hairs into simple plates. Bollywood actresses during that time used to wear long six yard sarees with puff blouses which created a buzz among women in India. Silk chiffon sarees set a benchmark for a royal attire look. Jewelries using pearls were trending during that period. Indian women got highly influenced by this trend.


Deep cut blouses, cotton pants styled as capris, Anarkali suits, Translucent sarees wit brocade blouse were the latest trend which were followed by many Indian Women. They use to love styling themselves in such attire. Classic jewellery which includes beautiful gold necklaces and ‘haath phool’ were mostly liked by Indian brides.


During this period, international fashion in India emerged as traditional materials were exported in different countries. Skin tight short kurtas and short fitted blouses

were inspired by Indian women. Scarves also became a style of attire for many women. Bouffant hairstyle
was the most popular hair style adorned by Indian Women.


Hipster style was adopted among the Indian women during this period. Influenced with Bollywood fashion industry, many women used to wear crop tops, maxis, polka dresses, pant-suits, skirts and fishnet stockings. Khadi Sarees again came into trend because of style of elegant dressing of the first Woman Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.


During this period, chudidaar, printed sarees with matching blouses shoulder pads were the latest trends among the Indian women. Chudidaar was loved and worn by most of women. Extravagantly flashy ornaments were the benchmark of this period.


During this Era, corporate look became the style statement among many Indian women. Women also get inspired by the fashion trends of the Indi pop icons of the Fashion Industry. Heavy Sarees with high danglers also came into trend and admired during Indian weddings.

2000 till present

Several international brands came into existence during this era and play a vital role in transforming the dressing sense among Indian women. Many designers experimented old fabric with new one. Low waist jeans became popular along with traditional and ethnic kurtis. High waist Palazzo pants, off shoulder blouses, Handloom sarees are most trending nowadays.

In Today’s world, fashion has changed its form and mindset of generation. Basically fashion has become a recycling process in this era of digitization.


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