Chic Knitwear – Fashionable And Cozy Knitwear

Cuddly, plump warm and extremely cozy: with these properties, knitting can score again in every fall and winter season. Knit every year? Yes, we always like to be enthralled by the fluffy material. In this context, it is astonishing that knitwear always manages to inspire us – both as a classic and a trend. In today’s post we would therefore like to discover together with you what makes the fashion darling knit so special.

A large collar size is the trend

Large meshes and wide cuts are very trendy this season. The current knitted sweaters can easily keep up with a wide falling turtleneck. You mean a turtleneck sweater doesn’t suit your style or is uncomfortable? Courage, a large turtleneck or a flowing falling waterfall collar leave enough space around the neck and thus offer the best wearing comfort. Another advantage of the large collar size: You can do without a scarf and instead have the sweater collar cleverly flashed out of the jacket cutout.

You can even wear the gray cuddly sweater by Laura Kent as a replacement for jackets in sunny weather. Due to the mottled yarn and the classic gray, this model looks elegant, but also casual and suitable for everyday use. The white knit sweater from Dress In is a little sportier. The large collar with drawstring draws attention to itself and thus subtly emphasizes the cleavage. You can skilfully conceal slightly wider hips with these cozy knitted sweaters. And narrow, tight-fitting trousers, jeggings or skirts are also ideal combination partners for the comfortable knitted tops. As a result, the silhouette looks overall harmonious and not too wide.

Feminine and elegant with knitted dresses

The narrow-cut knitted dresses form a contrast to the wide sweaters. The figure-hugging shape emphasizes a curvy, feminine figure. Depending on whether the material is thin fine knit, elastic rib knit or warm chunky knit, you can wear a knitted dress on cold, but also on warmer days of the year. With a knee-length dress made of thick wool, you can make yourself wonderfully cozy on a cloudy winter day at home on the couch like in a cozy blanket. But be careful: clothes made of coarse knit can be applied quickly. Knitted dresses of finer quality are suitable for many figure types, but also for many occasions.

The elegant black model from Paola! falls thanks to the flared A-line shape loosely over a slightly wider hip. The simple cut and the decorative details made of glossy yarn on the neckline and cuffs give the dress the look of a timeless classic, in which you will always look good this season and next winter. Another elegant eye-catcher is »the knitted dress by Laura Kent , which is particularly impressive due to the cleverly woven jacquard pattern. With matching tights and pumps, you can easily create an elegant, festive outfit with these special knitted dresses. When it comes to jewelry, restraint is recommended so that the shiny details of the clothes can work for themselves.

Between practical and fashionable: knitted sweater with cable pattern

Knitting fashion impresses with an enormous variety of patterns, styles and designs. While the pattern is woven into the jacquard knit, the famous cable knit patterns are created by combining different types of stitches. The cable knit sweaters have their origins in the fishing women from England, Scotland and Ireland. Over time, the cable knit sweater managed to strike a balance between practical, functional clothing and trendy fashion. It is therefore no wonder that a little seaman’s thread has been spun into the stories about the origin and meaning of the patterns. The fishermen’s women knitted the cable pattern into the sweaters because they offered protection from the freezing cold at sea.

At the same time, the braid-like knitting patterns, which are reminiscent of the boat ropes and nets of the fishermen, were considered good luck charms. You will also feel happy in the classic knitted pullovers from the KLINGEL shop. The cable knit sweaters from Dress In in»Dusky pink or in » gray bring a feeling of comfort into the dark season. The vertical pattern is also ideal for small women. In combination with dark blue or black slim jeans you can’t go wrong. But you can also skillfully stage the knitted sweaters with narrow trousers in brown or dark gray.

A cozy figure flatterer: the open cardigan

Set light and casual accents with a cardigan in a fashionably open shape. Especially models made of fine knit inspire with the loose, figure-hugging fit. Long cardigans, such as »the model by Laura Kent with contrasting knit design or » the open version in warm gray , are wonderful for a fashionable layered look in which you have several parts wear each other in different lengths. Cardigans generally reach about the middle of the thigh. Again, ideal combination partners are classic jeans with a slim fit or sporty, casual leggings.

But even if you wear a tight dress or an outfit with a pencil skirt, you can casually throw the long, open cardigan over your shoulder and protect yourself from cool temperatures. The slightly overcut shoulder is modern and makes a broad upper body or strong shoulders appear narrower. With a few subtle pieces of jewelry and a handbag you complete your outfit perfectly.

By the way : The term ‘cardigan’ goes back to the Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell. Around 1854, he equipped the soldiers of his army with warming cardigans so that they did not freeze when fighting in open terrain. Unintentionally, he invented a fashion term that we still use today.

As you can see, clothes made of wool are not always simply knitted. As a real evergreen, knitwear can be both practical, classic and modern. Which fashionable knitwear is your favorite for this season? Let us know in the comments. We also hope you enjoy discovering the latest dresses, jackets and sweaters made from knits.


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