Colorimetry: Which Colors Suit Me Best?

Are you wondering which colors make you stand out the most? Wearing color improves morale, increases your energy level and boosts your femininity. You feel chic, seductive and ready to take on the challenge of this new day that is just waiting for you. Provided you choose your colors of course. Those that illuminate your complexion , erase small imperfections and enhance your complexion and your hair color. This colorimetry test is an essential tool in image consulting. Are you ready to get to know yourself better? Let’s go !

Colorimetry: what is it, what is it for?

Does your face light up near warm colors, containing yellow? Or does it need cool colors (based on blue) to shine? Does it reveal all its energy with intense colors? Or does it look more harmonious in the presence of pastel colors? This is the whole objective of the personalized colorimetry test: to determine the type of colors that best enhance your face. The result can help you in your future shopping trips. But also on the makeup side with more suitable eye shadow, blush and lipstick colors. Not to mention the color of your hair (if you dye it). And even the colors of your earrings, necklaces and hair accessories (scarves, barrettes, etc.).

We are taking action! How it works ?

In front of a mirror, bathed in natural light, you place pairs of fabrics on the top of your bust so as to fully cover your shoulders.¬†What fabrics? Everything you can find: your clothes, those of your spouse, your children, sheets, disguises … Even the furnishing fabrics can be used (throws, cushion covers, curtains). But beware: the duos of colored fabrics must be meticulously worked for your test to be conclusive. We will detail immediately …

Colorimetry test: 2 easy steps to find your colors

1. Measure your temperature

Rest assured, we are still talking about colorimetry! This first phase of the test screens the rendering of warm colors and cool colors near your face. Opt for two shiny fabrics: gold and silver. If you are not very bling-bling, prefer a bright orange and an intense fuchsia. Position a cloth under your neck and observe your face. First of all, focus on your complexion without taking into account the color of your eyes. Is your face lighter or grayer? Brighter or duller? Does this color age you? Do your dark circles stand out more? Do your little imperfections stand out more?

Lower and raise the second fabric several times, observing different areas of your face. Take your time well. Seek the advice of another person if the result is not obvious.

To confirm this first result, also test these pairs:

  • two intense colors: brick red (warm) and burgundy (cold).
  • two pastel colors: salmon (warm) versus pink (cold).

How to know ?

Your “good colors” are the colors that do not impose at the expense of your face. The idea, of course, is to highlight YOU and not your top or your outfit.

2. What season are you in?

A color comes in an infinity of shades. Rest assured, you won’t be testing them all. Some shades make you feel better than others. Your color “season” is actually one of the four color palettes that make you stand out the most.

Good to know before you start: some colors may cast doubt in your mind. For example, burgundy is a cool color. Who would’ve believed that ?! Because the burgundy approaches purple, with a hint of blue.

Test two shades of the same color, warm or cool depending on the result of the first step of the colorimetry test. For example, test these color duos like:

  • light pink versus fuchsia pink
  • pastel mauve and bright purple
  • sky blue versus navy blue

Both colors will suit you both, but one of them will illuminate your face better, make it more harmonious, younger, softer. Watch the result with your hair down to be 100% sure.

Verdict: what is your colorimetry?

This test is not easy: it is based on an objective judgment (yours, that of a friend, your spouse or an image consultant) and on your perception of aesthetics. Take your time well. Now you know your temperature and your season in colorimetry. You know which colors look best for you. You will be able to choose your clothes, your makeup, your jewelry and your hair accessories in order to show off more to be more attractive, brighter and even more beautiful than you are today!


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