Combine A Denim Jacket: This Will Make Your Look Really Stylish

You can find out how fashion professionals combine their denim jacket and which model is the best choice for which figure in the large styling guide. Our tip for the perfect transition outfit: a denim jacket! It just never goes out of style, is a real figure wonder and can be styled in many ways. Our tip for the perfect transition outfit: a denim jacket! It just never comes outFashion, is a real figure wonder and can be styled in many ways. Are you wondering how you can combine your denim jacket? Then click through our gallery. We’ll show you how fashion professionals are now styling denim jackets. Combine denim jacket: 3 trend looks for the transition

Look 1: Combine denim jacket casually Super cool and unbeatably casual is the combination of light blue denim jacket, simple shirt (also with narrow stripes) and white skinny jeans . Together with silver accessories, this look literally exudes spring freshness. If you like it comfortable, you can combine style with a denim jacket with white sneakers or flat boots in a light brown or gray tone. The look becomes sexy with pointed pumps. They are not that comfortable, but they make your legs unbeatably long!. Together with silver accessories, this spraysLook literally spring freshness.

Look 2: denim all-over

If you are looking for a spring look that is not only comfortable but also super trendy, you should rely entirely on denim. Means: Combine your denim jacket with slim jeans or a denim skirt in a similar shade of blue. With the denim all-over look, just make sure that the different jeans colors harmonize well with each other.

In addition, the following applies: Since the complete denim look is enough eye-catcher, you should design the rest of the outfit rather calmly and discreetly, for example in the form of a plain-colored shirt, classic sneakers or a flowing white blouse – it loosens up the look immediately.

Look 3: Combine a denim jacket for a feminine look

Combine a denim jacket with a chic dress? What sounds like a no-go at first glance turns out to be a real styling highlight. Because the break in style between a cool, robust denim jacket and an elegant dress is exciting and brave. So it’s no wonder that the look is so popular with fashion bloggers.¬†Instead of a dress, you can also combine one of the trendy midi skirts and a shirt or blouse with a denim jacket. It is especially cool with a hoodie with a skirt and denim jacket. Sneakers, mules , pumps or wedges go perfectly with this.

Denim jackets in black and white are THE mega trend!

Always only blue denim gets a little too boring for us in the long run. The fashion professionals see it that way too and are relying on white and black jacket models this season ( here at Topshop *). The great thing about the neutral colors: They really go with everything!

Especially white denim jackets look so nice and fresh in spring and make us shine immediately. Simply combine your trendy piece in white in combination with beige, nude, light gray or go for the all-over look. So that your look doesn’t look like a nurse, you should set colored accents

By the way: As a contrast to the oversize trend, short-cut cropped denim jackets are now in vogue. They are best styled with high waist trousers, so that the hem of the jackets lines up with the waistband of the trousers. But the short pieces also go perfectly with dresses. Great: The short cut makes our legs look longer.

Figure advice: which denim jacket suits chubby women?

Whether slim or chubby, large or small: There is a suitable denim jacket for EVERY woman – the decisive factor is its cut. Straight-cut box-shaped denim jackets look best on a curvy figure, as they visually stretch the body and ensure balanced proportions. If you are small and plump, you should make sure that the jacket is cut a little shorter – tall women can wonderfully wear longer denim jackets that reach over the hips.

Styling tip: If you have a narrow waist, you should emphasize it with a thin belt. And: Unbutton the sleeves completely and roll them up a bit. This will make your arms look slimmer.

Which denim jackets suit little women?

For rule small women when buying jackets is: keep it short! The reason: A short-cut jacket proportions the body and visually elongates the figure. Shorter, box-shaped denim jackets as well as denim jackets in blazer form ( available here at ONLY *) are ideal for small, petite women . These models have the advantage that they emphasize the narrow waist.


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