Combine Capes And Ponchos: This Is How You Can Create The Trend Looks!

Capes and ponchos are currently the darlings of the fashion world. But how do you combine the cuddly trend pieces, and who do capes and ponchos suit? If you want to be one of the fashionistas this winter, you should get yourself a cape or a poncho as soon as possible. Because the cozy warm throws are one of the fashion trends in winter. First of all: The two terms “cape” and “poncho” are often used synonymously. But there are important differences. While a poncho usually consists of a simple square of fabric with an opening for the head or a rectangle made of fabric, a cape is an A-shaped coat that can be provided with a collar, arm slits and a clasp. Capes and ponchos have a loose cut and a casual feel in common. Because they are simply thrown on, they appear calm and cool – at the same time, the luxurious wool fabrics give them an elegant touch.

This mix of casualness and elegance makes them the perfect styling partner for your winter outfit – especially for the trendy layered look . And the casual tops have another, decisive advantage: They really suit EVERY woman. The reason: The problem areas disappear under the flowing fabric of the poncho. From rustic to elegant: which poncho goes with which outfit? : Capes and ponchos can be combined in many ways and, depending on the pattern and color, they go well with both classic, feminine looks with a dress or skirt and blouse, as well as with casual jeans styles. If you want to combine your cape or poncho with an elegant evening outfit, you should choose a single-colored model made of luxurious cashmere. It keeps you warm, looks super classy and is wonderfully soft. On the other hand, checkered ponchos or models with ethnic patterns look great with a casual everyday look with jeans and sweaters.

Combine ponchos: THAT is the trend look of the season!

The combination of poncho and overknees is THE favorite style of fashionistas. And the preference is no coincidence, because this mix looks particularly flattering. The interplay of a wide cape and tight boots ensures harmonious proportions and makes the body look slim despite the XXL top. In general, you should make sure to combine narrow bottoms such as skinny jeans or pencil skirt with a cape or poncho. Tip: Incidentally, the poncho outfit looks particularly stylish if you match the colors of your clothes. That means choosing colors that come from a color family, such as different shades of brown or shades of gray.

Top and bottom: How can I wear the cape?

Whether you wear your cape or poncho over or under your jacket depends on the material and the thickness of the cape. And secondly, according to the cut of your winter jacket with which you want to combine the poncho. Extra wide ponchos made of thick wool can be worn over a figure-hugging leather jacket , for example . This makes the actual autumn jacket suitable for winter and you can also create a trendy layered look . If the cape is made of a thinner material, it can also be worn under a slightly wider coat.

Styling trick: this is how you conjure up a poncho out of your scarf!

You want to join the poncho trend, but haven’t found a suitable cape yet? Then just work around a long and very wide scarf! All you have to do is put it over your shoulders. By wearing a belt over it, you also accentuate your slim waist!


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