Combine Flower Patterns: How To Wear The Trend Prints Correctly!

Flower patterns have become an indispensable part of fashion. We show you how you can combine the playful prints in a really cool way. As a long Walle-Walle dress, embroidered on jeans or as airy trousers in a hippie look – flower prints have become an indispensable part of the wardrobes of fashion professionals. Especially in spring and summer, the playful prints immediately put you in a good mood. But how do you combine the trend prints without looking too much like little girls? We’ll reveal it!

Style floral patterns: style breaks are welcome! : Whether it’s a top, skirt or dress – clothing with a floral pattern always looks romantic and playful. So that the look doesn’t look too lovely, you just have to break up the romantic style with casual pieces. Keyword “break in style”! Combine, for example, a rough leather jacket with a girlish flower dress or a rocky destroyed jeans with a flower blouse . The outfit already looks cool and trendy.

Those who are bold about fashion can also combine the floral top with the currently so popular cargo pants . The workwear pants create a particularly exciting contrast to the romantic prints. The following applies to shoes: Feminine sandals, ballerinas or pumps emphasize the playful style. With sporty sneakers or tough biker boots, the look with a floral pattern immediately looks much more casual.

Always possible: floral prints and jeans

If you want it relaxed but still casual, you should go for denim. A shirt or blouse with a floral pattern and classic jeans are always an option. The combination is simple, but anything but boring.

Combine floral patterns with other patterns

Fashion professionals love the trendy mix of patterns. The mix of checks and floral patterns is an absolute trend combination . For the pattern mix styling, however, a little fashion skill is required. Because different prints in one look can quickly look too much. In principle, you can combine any other pattern to create flower prints. These can be stripes, animal prints , dots or other floral designs. It is only important that the different patterns come from one color family.

Combine flower prints in a 70s look

Retro fashion is the trend. For those who love fashion from the past as much as we do, clothing with floral patterns is just the thing. Because the pieces are perfect for creating a cool look in the 70s style. How about, for example, flares made of soft fabric and orange flowers? Add a plain-colored top and boots and the retro look is ready.

Combine flower prints in a rocky way

At first glance it might not look like it, but yes, flower patterns can also be combined really rocky. How it works? With the right styling partners, of course. Leather in any form is ideal for creating cool accents, for example. As for shoes, tough biker boots are welcome.

Combine flower prints in winter

The good news for all Blümchen fans: Flower prints can of course not only be styled in spring and summer. The playful patterns go just as well with the cold season. In autumn and winter, for example, maxi dresses with flower prints are suitable. Cool bomber jackets and warm boots go perfectly with this. Also Hoodies an exciting contrast to the romantic prints and keep you in winter also warm. Tip: While brightly colored flower patterns in red, pink, lavender, orange or pastel are particularly popular in spring and summer, muted nuances such as black, beige or gray are better for the cold season.


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