Combine Oversize Sweaters Styles And Sweaters For Every Figure

The name “oversize” can be taken literally: an “oversize” sweater is a sweater that is oversized: above all in terms of length and volume on the body. However, the sleeves are usually the right length, which is the difference between an oversized sweater and an oversized sweater. If you still want to declare a sweater that is too large or a men’s sweater as an oversize sweater: rolled-up sleeves look great on a sweater too!

Combine oversize sweaters: stylish with every figure

There is a very simple guideline here: The oversize sweater is often the only piece in oversize. If you don’t want your body to look more voluminous than it is, you should compensate for the volume of the oversized sweater with clothing that is tight or at least close to the body. Jeans or (leather leggings) fit very well. If you like to wear skirts or wide-cut trousers, you can rely on flowing materials: swinging midi skirts or palazzo trousers harmonize very well with coarse knitted oversize pullovers. Since this look can compress, shoes or special autumn boots with heels make sense.

Would you like a hoodie or sweatshirt?

Hoodies, also known as hooded sweaters or sweatshirts , have long not been used exclusively for sports. In the meantime, the comfortable piece has become an absolute fashion favorite because it makes every look look sporty or at least casual.

Combine hoodies: which hoodie fits which figure?

Basically every hoodie fits every figure: The main question here is what makes you feel good and which parts of the body you want to emphasize or hide. Models with a pocket on the belly can be applied very quickly and make the middle of the body look more voluminous than it is. Long-cut hoodies are true friends when it comes to moving slightly wider hips or thighs into the background: In this case, hoodies that are cut like a dress are also suitable. Especially with oversize hoodies, you should be careful not to keep the rest of the outfit too sporty or casual. The dream combination partners are elegant pumps or ankle boots with heels, but also Marlene trousers, because they break the sporty character of a hoodie and bring it from the couch directly to an office or a fancy restaurant.

We also love the crop sweater

The crop sweater is still fighting against its bad image: belly-free is simply not for everyone. The general rejection often means that “crop”, ie “short”, does not necessarily mean belly-free. Women do not need model measurements to wear a crop sweater: they flatter many figure types with high-cut high-waist pants or skirts. It is only important that it is a wide-cut oversize crop sweater and not a skintight model.

Combine crop sweaters

A loose to oversize crop pullover loves flowing midi skirts or high-waist palazzo pants. But it also goes well with casual mom jeans. Knitted models can be very harmoniously incorporated into elegant outfits and make them a little more casual, while sporty crop sweaters in sweatshirt style are ideal with jeans and sneakers.

Oversized cardigan

We love cardigans, but oversize cardigans are simply the superlative of cardigans. Not only are they comfortable and cuddly warm, they are also super stylish.

Oversize cardigans: the combination wonders

Simply always, everywhere, for every outfit and for every figure: The oversize cardigan is probably one of the most democratic pieces of clothing that keeps us warm this autumn / winter season. The only guideline (not a must): don’t wear anything too loose underneath – otherwise you drown quickly in the material.


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