Combining Paperbag Pants: This Is How You Style The Trend Piece Correctly

aperbag pants conjure up a slim waist and are incredibly comfortable. Here you can find out how to combine the pieces correctly and which models are popular now. This year nothing goes without our beloved paperbag pants. The fitted parts are not exactly new – but now they are making a big impact and are more present than ever. No wonder, after all, the trend trousers are more than comfortable, conjure up a dream waist with their high cut and suit every woman.

We’ll show you why paperbags are anything but disadvantageous and how you can now combine them in a really stylish way, plus the most beautiful models for after-shopping.This year nothing works without our beloved paperbag pants. The fitted parts are not exactly new – but now they come out big and are like thatpresentlike never. No wonder, after all, the trend pants are more than comfortable, conjure up a dream waist with their high cut and suit every woman.

What are paperbag pants?

Paperbag trousers are so named because they look like a crumpled up paper bag that you can squeeze at the top with one hand: They are cut super high and are tied tightly at the waist with a belt so that some fabric protrudes slightly curled above the waistband. Most paperbag models come with a matching belt. But if you like, you can replace it with any belt and create an individual look. Most paper bag models come with a matching belt. If you like, you can replace it with any belt and so for individual onesLooks to care.

Who are paperbag pants for?

“Paperbag pants are disadvantageous, they emphasize problem areas and are bulky” – so the fear of many. We oppose this and love the trousers precisely because of their figure-flattering shape: The paper bag shape makes the waist look particularly narrow and provides beautiful curves on the hips and thighs. Keyword: hourglass silhouette.

The high waistband also stretches the lower body and thus makes the legs look super long. If you are still afraid that the trousers might wear on, you should choose a model with no or subtle pleats. In addition, paperbag pants do not necessarily have to be loose. There are also pieces that are cut close to the figure and less voluminous at the hips.

Also make sure that the waistband of the trousers is really exactly in the waist and that the trousers do not cut into the crotch or hang too low. Otherwise the trend piece can quickly look misshapen.

Combining paperbag pants: this is how we style this trendy item now

Paperbag pants are a real all-round talent when it comes to styling. They can be combined classically and elegantly as well as casually cool. The most important styling rule: always tuck blouses , shirts and sweaters into the waistband! In this way, you prevent too much fabric from bulging up on your stomach and everything else than the typical narrow paperbag waist. Form-fitting tops, bodysuits and crop tops are perfect for paperbag pants.

Combine paperbag pants elegantly

Most paperbag trousers are made of soft cotton and are therefore ideal for classically elegant looks. Black pants models that are cut a little narrower on the leg look particularly harmonious. Checkered glencheck paperbags are also great in combination with a light-colored blouse and pointed pumps or ankle boots , which also stretch the leg. Make sure that your blouse doesn’t have too much shisha. Together with the curled bundle of paper bags, that can quickly become too much.

If that’s too boring for you, you can also combine an oversize shirt with classic paperbag pants. This gives your outfit an androgynous look à la Marlene Dietrich. The best go with flat dandy lace-ups made of vinyl.

Casually combine paperbag pants

Are you looking for a casual paperbag look that is still exciting? We found him. Fashion blogger Christina Biluca shows how versatile the trend pants can be. The white paperbag in combination with the black crop top puts you in a great mood for the coming summer. You can either style statement sneakers or summery lace-up sandals – depending on what you feel like . If the outfit is too airy for you, just grab the XXL blazer , the loose cut goes perfectly with the comfortable cut of the paperbag trousers.

And don’t worry about too much bare skin: Due to the high cut of the trousers, very little, a maximum of a hand’s breadth of skin, flashes out.

Combine paperbag shorts

In summer, long trousers are often too warm for us. How good that there are not only paperbags with long legs, but also short-cut paperbag shorts. Not only are they nice and airy and comfortable, they can also – unlike denim shorts – look serious. Make sure that your shorts are not too short or too tight on the leg. The short paperbag should play around your legs as loosely as possible and make the typical folds of paper bags.


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