Cool Nights – The Right Nightwear For You

The cold days are just around the corner and it is time to change the wardrobe to autumn and winter . This also applies to the cozy hours in your own bed. Because when it comes to nightwear, a lot has happened in the fashion world. Gone are the days of boring PJs who only look good in the dark. This year there are cheeky colors, new cuts and lots of fun.

Comfortable and chic at the same time

The classic two-piece suit consists of wide-cut trousers and a casual top. There are cool versions for men with a light shirt jacket. This year, the well-known cuts are mixed up with bright colors and exciting patterns. This time, kitschy-cute teddy bears and patterns with lollipops are not used. The current two-piece series are cut straight and slightly figure-hugging, without restricting freedom of movement. Trendy colors for nightwear are fresh and modern.

The colors white, yellow and green are particularly popular with designers this year. Geometric shapes are used for the patterns. Everything looks rather simple and stylish with practical elegance. With one of these nightwear outfits, opening the door for the postman in the morning is no problem at all. You just look casually dressed, similar to a comfortable house suit look.

Nightwear for autumn and winter: cool one-pieces

Cool trends in nightwear are also of funny onesies set. The one-pieces are cuddly warm and are offered in great variations. Children in particular enjoy these practical pajamas, which are available with playful patterns and funny shapes. The animal-style onesies are a highlight. Dog, cat, cow, giraffe, tiger or elephant, the selection of animal motifs is large and accordingly popular.

Nightgowns for women and men

Anyone looking for something light is well advised to wear a classic nightgown. Seductive models, such as B. at Lascana, there is for men and women. Nightgowns, you should hardly believe it, are equally good for both genders. Men should simply dare to come here and be convinced of how good and sexy they look in their nightgown.

The nightdress assortment of course also offers sporty versions, which add further impetus to your nightwear when printed with funny sayings. In addition, there are models with an everyday look, i.e. plain or slightly colored patterned. These can be converted into a simple street outfit with leggings or, for men, with jeans – ideal for quickly getting fresh bread from the bakery around the corner.

+ Tip +

As with numerous other labels, there are vouchers for Lascana nightwearavailable. These are always an ideal gift idea for nightwear fans. It is advisable to browse the websites of nightwear providers and take advantage of special offers in connection with vouchers. You can always save here – there are plenty of bargains for beautiful nightwear.

Sleepwear: Warm accessories

Even cool, trendy accessories are part of the casual nightwear outfit for autumn and winter. With the right additions, you can create a wonderfully individual outfit in which you can feel completely at ease. In many areas that round off nightwear outfits appropriately, new and exciting designs can be found – it is worth browsing here:

+ kaftans
+ slippers
+ house socks
+ dressing gowns

Order sleepwear conveniently online

Women, men and kids can choose from hundreds of styles, colors and shapes for nightwear. A good online shop makes the search easier. It provides detailed search functions. With these you can quickly and easily search the articles by manufacturer, color and size.

When ordering online, it is worth considering the individual savings options of the respective shop. Is there possibly an in-house bonus program? Do you get a discount for signing up for the newsletter? It is not uncommon for the shop to offer free online advice. Ordering nightwear in the online shop can be really worthwhile and in addition, everything is quickly and conveniently delivered to your home. However, if you prefer to try on and touch before buying, you will definitely find your ultimate sleepwear right in the specialist shop, the fashion house or the boutique.

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