Different Ways To Drape An Indian Saree To Look Elegant

It’s not about the kind of sarees you have that make you stand out, it’s always the way you choose to drape the differently. Sarees not only make women look beautiful but, it also enhances the overall appearance as it reveals the curvilinear side of a lady making her look celestial. Ladies look their best when they flaunt themselves in a saree and Indian women look extremely gorgeous in this attire unquestionably. This is one of those attires that have been native to the Indian sub-continent from many years and every region has its unique way of draping a saree.

When a saree is draped in a different manner it also shows the creativity of the person and it would also make the wearer look different. Especially, when there are some ethnic events organized it becomes quite interesting to wear sarees according to the regions. Also, trying to wear these sarees for the first time can be quite challenging as well but, once learnt it can be extremely beautiful as the pleats that are created are different and beautiful. In this write-up we have listed the different ways of draping a saree to make you look elegant and classy.

The Maharashtrian Style

If you want to boast your curves then, the Nauvari style of draping the saree is one of the best styles that you can try. This style is largely found in the state of Maharashtra, and the ladies here prefer covering them completely in a nine-yard saree which would make them a little voluminous. The fabric used to weave these sarees are cotton; thus, it signifies the strength of the region. This type is also one of the most convenient ways of draping because the movement of your legs wouldn’t be restricted as you; it almost resembles a dhoti style on the lower part. A heavy nose ring and bangles teamed with this saree can turn you into a Lavani folk dancer instantly.

Bhooteyara Style From Karnataka

This is one of the oldest saree wearing forms found in the regions of Karnataka. The upper part of the body is covered completely using the 8-yard saree while the lower part usually forms a pant like structure. This is one of the best styles to carry if you want to feel comfortable and a cotton saree in this style would make you look fashionable. Team this style with jasmine flowers, nose rings and beck-pieces to make it look more stylish.

Madisaru From Tamil Nadu

When you walk into a wedding hall of an Iyer or an Iyengar community that hails from Tamil-Nadu you might see dolled up ladies in sarees draped in a unique form. Known as Madisaru, this is one of the best ways to flaunt yourselves when you attend any ceremonies or occasions related to Tamil culture. This is one of the easiest and the most beautiful ways of draping a saree because there are no blouses or petticoats required. While one half of the saree is worn like a pant, the other half is pleated gently like a saree thus, making it a blend of both man and woman. Hence, this style signifies the ardhanaareeshwara meaning, half man and half woman style. A top nut with flowers and heavy jewels can make you look like one of the idols from the Tamil Nadu temples.

Try The Namboothari Form From Kerala

Celebrating Onam without the traditional attire of Kerala can be quite a dull one. Well, to transform you quickly try the Namboothari style of draping saree which originates from Kerala. This has been considered as one of the simplest ways to drape a saree because it is not heavy and it is a deadly combination of the mundum, the lower garment accompanied by the neriyathum, the upper garment. The lower garment generally is tucked inside the blouse or at times might be pinned to the left side of the shoulder. Heavy jewels with some fragrant jasmine flowers to decorate the buns can create a perfect look.

Well, we have listed some of the different and the traditional ways of draping a saree; now you must try these things and let us know your experiences!


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