Dirndl Blouse – These Are The Trendy Models

Whether lace, stand-up collar or a high-necked model – the selection of dirndl blouses is huge. We reveal which models are trendy in 2019 and what you should pay attention to when buying.¬†Trachten lovers have known for a long time: summer time is dirndl time. Would you like a new dirndl dress but don’t want to invest in a completely new outfit? You do not have to! We’ll show you how you can quickly ‘pretzel up’ your traditional dress with a new dirndl blouse and conjure up a fresh look in no time at all.

Our favorite dirndl blouses on Amazon

As in the previous year, high-necked dirndl blouses are very popular this year and lace is still the favorite material. Models with hole embroidery have been added for 2019. We have looked for the most beautiful and popular dirndl blouses on Amazon to buy and revealed what you should pay attention to when combining your blouse. Here we go:

Our favorite number 1 – the high-necked dirndl blouse made of white cotton

A dirndl blouse that we really like comes from Himmelreich . On this model, we love the classic elements such as the small stand-up collar and the pretty piping on the front. And, regardless of whether you have a balconet dirndl or a high-necked dress, you can combine this traditional blouse with all dirndl models and do not have to invest a fortune. A satisfied customer writes about it: ” Really great blouse! Especially the front part with the buttons up looks very cute from under the dirndl. Good material. Fits great. I would definitely order again!”

Our favorite number 2 – with top details

Would you like a very high-necked model? Then you might like this blouse. Despite the high-necked collar, it looks seductive and romantic, thanks to the delicate lace details. The small stand-up collar and the short sleeves give this blouse a simple yet refined touch. An enthusiastic customer writes: ” The material is very beautiful and very well made. The tip does not scratch and the white fabric is tightly woven and comfortable to wear. The sleeves have a nice width – it does not cut … I can just recommend it. “

Our favorite number 3 – the transparent dirndl blouse made of lace

Lace and transparency are two other great trends for dirndl blouses for the 2019 season. We fell in love with the MarJo model, which turns our heads with its delicate lace look, traditional buttons and high-necked collar. Classic in white, this pretty blouse goes well with all our dirndl dresses – from classic dark blue to light yellow dirndl.

So you combine your dirndl blouse correctly

Depending on the material, cut-out shape and material of your dirndl, there are some style rules that you should pay attention to when combining your dirndl blouse.

Which blouse fits which neckline?

The balconette dirndl

  • High-necked dirndel blouses go very well with an angular, deep neckline. This type is particularly suitable for women with a rather small bust size and is currently very popular. Particularly beautiful: This season there are many pretty variants with lace and hole embroidery that look seductive and playful.
  • However, if you like to emphasize your cleavage, then it is best to choose a square carr√© or a blouse with a small stand-up collar and a light V-neck for this dirndl type. Depending on how lavishly your dirndl and apron are already decorated, your blouse can also be decorated with ruffles and embroidery

The heart section

As the name suggests, you can also combine the right dirndl blouse with a heart-shaped neckline for this special neckline type. A beautiful, classic model made of a cotton microfiber mixture, for example, can be ordered from Almbock for around 40 euros.

The high-necked dirndl dress

These traditional dresses are very popular again this year and we are wearing the matching high-necked blouses. The only alternative that you can also wear well: a dirndl blouse with a high collar and a light V-neck.

The material of your dirndl

For a mostly simple cotton or ‘wash dirndl’ you can still choose a more playful blouse with lace or frilled details. This sets contrasts and looks fresh and modern. On the other hand, is your dirndl dress made of fine silk material and is it also elaborately decorated and embroidered? Then it’s best to combine a simple blouse with little lace and smooth, flat sleeves.

What else to consider

  1. Whether mini, midi or long dirndl – the skirt length does not play a decisive role in the choice of your dirndl blouse and is allowed what pleases and fits the style of the dirndl
  2. The color: Whether cream, white or black – all colors are popular this season – so that your look is coherent, we recommend you choose it to match the color of the dress
  3. The arm length: hip in 2019, dirndl blouses with half-length and very long sleeves
  4. Would you prefer to show a little more skin? Dindl blouses without sleeves are mega in this year
  5. In general, whether long sleeves or short puff sleeves – a blouse is always part of the dirndl dress and makes your outfit really complete

The high-necked dirndl blouse

Dirndl blouses with high-necked collars were all the rage last year and will be back in 2019, which is why we are dedicating a separate paragraph to this type of blouse. Do you think that high-necked blouses look conservative? Yes, they are, but with playful elements made of lace or a transparent material, these models look sexy and seductive despite their high collars. You also combine this blouse type very easily and it really suits every figure type.

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