Dress Codes For Tasteful Outfits

Formal occasions are a great way to carry out tasteful and elegant fashion that would sometimes look too noble in everyday life. But there is always the question of what you can wear on this special day. It should be fashionable, but still fit your age and prove style. Today we give you some inspiration for the right outfit, elegant shoes and the right accessories. If you follow these fashion tips and choose your look according to your personal taste, you will shine in style in any outfit.

Tip number 1: Tasteful & coordinated

For special occasions you can create a stylish outfit in no time if you follow a few simple fashion rules. For example, cover your shoulders with a stole or jacket to be well dressed in the appropriate frame. Skirts should reach at least just over the knee so that they don’t sweat, but also don’t show too much skin. An exception is summer celebrations in a relaxed atmosphere. Color-coordinated combinations of blazers, blouses and trousers are always a chic and stylish option. If you like it more feminine, put together an outfit of blazer, blouse and skirt.

A blazer is always a fashionable hit. Combine it with an airy dress, casual jeans or trousers. We have »the light blazer from Paola! brought in fresh dusky pink. Thanks to its tailored shape, it shows off your figure well and looks wonderfully feminine. This goes with »the knee-length skirt with a slit from Paola! in the same shade. You can reinterpret such an ensemble again and again with plain-colored blouses, models with patterns or flowing shirts, depending on the occasion. Do you like it more simple and classic? Then combine »the gray blazer by Paola! with »the crease pantsin the same nuance. The easy-care model with a straight cut looks wonderfully classic and elegant. The result is a fashionable duo that is stylishly coordinated. So you show your fashion awareness and stay true to your style. Both models are pleased about the fashionable addition with »the dotted blouse in delicate rose with a subtle black all-over print. This ensures that your look is trendy and fresh, but not too excited.

Tip number 2: The right color choice

Delicate colors and pastel tones are a fashionable hit. It doesn’t always have to be the classic black or white to appear stylish. In addition, white is always reserved for the bride at weddings and black often looks too dark on happy occasions. So don’t hesitate to grab colorful shades. Especially in spring, they may like to be tender, which is reminiscent of the awakening nature. When choosing the colors, however, pay attention to your skin type so that your outfit positively underlines your charisma.

The range of chic and elegant clothes looks like a stroll through the ice bar around the corner and the park in the neighborhood. Lemon yellow, sky blue, rosé and apricot are just a few of the nuances that enchant us in spring. How about »the bright yellow dress with a summer pineapple print by Paola !? Or »the model with a skilfully playful pattern that combines sky blue and peach? Both dresses are particularly flattering to a darker complexion that has been tanned by the first rays of sunshine of the year. If you have a light, delicate complexion, our next two dresses are for you. »The apricot-colored modelpresents a great 2-in-1 effect: a loose chiffon throw in a delicate tone is presented over a fitted, floral dress. This makes it suitable for many occasions when you want to dress elegantly. Also »the striped dress by Paola! in rose and berry tones looks stylish and feminine at the same time. The vertical stripes visually stretch your silhouette.

Tip number 3: elegant from head to toe

Are you looking for the perfect shoe for your outfit? Sometimes it is not so easy to find a model that perfectly matches the color of your clothes. But that’s not a problem, because there is a shade that is always suitable: nude. This includes nuances that can be classified in terms of color between beige, light skin tones and delicate rosé. Nude is so neutral that it does not affect the effect of your clothing. Our selected shoes are therefore true all-rounders in your shoe cabinet.

The world of shoes is big. How nice that we can wear a different model every day depending on the occasion, mood and mood. Pumps such as »the version of Gennia made of fine goat suede in sand colors are suitable for every occasion. The eye-catcher here is the square shape of the toe, which provides that certain something. The slings made of the same high-quality material therefore come a little more airy . A combination of jeans and a T-shirt looks more elegant with both models, a dress is underlined in its noble effect. Make an incredibly feminine and elegant appearance with »the delicate sandal by Genniathere. Soft lamb nappa leather caresses your feet, while the 85 mm heel visually extends your legs. Do you prefer flat shoes? In “the moccasins of MONA They slip in and feel immediately at ease. The breathable sole provides additional comfort at every turn. Whether high, flat, classic or extravagant: Nude is our insider tip for a stylish look.

Tip number 4: The ideal icing on the cake

An outfit is not complete without jewelry. Match your accessories to your clothes and your personal taste. So that you don’t experience any faux pas, we have a real fashion tip ready for you. On official occasions and big moments, you should make sure that your arm jewelry does not jingle. Multi-row bracelets or loose bangles can quickly become noisy. Therefore, prefer to use discreet arm jewelry and set highlights with eye-catching earrings and sparkling necklaces.

Our first recommendation is »the exciting, multi-row necklace with shimmering cultured freshwater pearls . With simple blouses and dresses in particular, you create a fashionable eye-catcher on your neck. Underline a classic style with the small white freshwater pearl. »The short chain from Diemer Perle lies close to the neck and shines with noble looks with elegance and sophistication. So this high-quality piece of jewelry definitely has the potential to become a favorite in your jewelry box. If you want to emphasize your ears and your face, »the elegant earrings with blue and white crystals from Golden Style are the ideal choice. In pastel trend colors, however, show up»The earrings with rose-colored petals and white glass stones . With the delicate flower shape, you emphasize your style in a feminine way and wear extravagant trend pieces without looking over the top.

Do you have any other fashion tips and dress codes that ensure a stylish appearance in everyday life as well as on special occasions and celebrations? Please tell us in the comments and share it with us.


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