Ear Cuffs Are A Big Jewelry Trend Right Now

Ear cuffs are currently a big trend in accessories and make every ear an absolute eye-catcher. All information plus our favorites for after-shopping can be found here. Ear cuffs are THE jewelry trend of the hour and are currently being worn up and down by stylish women. And best of all: You don’t even need a real ear hole for the fashionable pieces of jewelry. You are wondering what exactly are ear cuffs? Translated, ear cuffs mean nothing more than ear clips or ear cuffs. And that is exactly what lies behind the accessory trend. Because ear cuffs are earrings for which you don’t need a real ear hole. Ear cuffs are simply clamped to the ear and can be individually adjusted by bending them slightly.

Ear cuffs: which places on the ear are suitable?

The nice thing about ear cuffs: The fake jewelry is now available in a wide variety of shapes and designs, so that in principle every place on the ear can be decorated. Particularly popular are, for example, ear cuffs as fake helix or fake conch piercing or pieces of jewelry that snake up the entire auricle. You can also choose between gold, silver or rose-colored pieces, sparkling models with rhinestones, chain ear cuffs or geometrically shaped eye-catching ear clips. And the best thing about it: Ear cuffs look like real piercings and earrings.

Trend look: This is how ear cuffs look particularly stylish on the ear

Fashion professionals currently prefer to wear a large number of individual, small ear cuffs at once and mix their ear clips with other pieces of jewelry on the ear as they please (keyword: curated ear ). The look is particularly harmonious when the color and style of the pieces are coordinated. Your ear will also be an absolute eye-catcher with particularly large and geometrically shaped cuffs. Since these ear cuffs are usually extremely noticeable, you should avoid further jewelry on the ear or only use very small plugs.

Styling tip: ear clips work best with short hairstyles . Alternatively, you can tie your hair in a braid or put it behind your ear with a headband .

Shop it: Our selection of beautiful ear cuffs

We have scoured the shops for cool ear cuffs for you and show you the hottest styles – straight to your after-shopping.

Ear Cuff 1: ear clips with pearls

Pearl jewelry is currently extremely popular in the fashion world. What do we love about the pearl-studded ear clips? They are elegant and stylish at the same time and are perfect for classic business looks with a blazer .

Ear Cuff 2: Golden ear clips

You don’t like gold jewelry? How good that this model is also available in silver. The best thing to do is to choose your ear clamp to match your skin tone: cold color types such as the summer or winter type look better in silver, while warm color types such as the spring or autumn type look better in gold. Rosé flatters all skin types.

Ear Cuff 3: Abstract ear cuffs

Tip: Before you buy, think about where on your ear you want to wear an ear cuff. Not every model is suitable for every job. Small ear cuffs in the form of an open ring, for example, are best suited as an alternative to the pierced helix or conch piercing.

Larger rings can usually also be attached to the bottom of the auricle. It is important that your ear clamp sits correctly so that it does not fall off when you move or touch it.


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