Effective Indian Diet Plan To Reduce Belly Fat

While many people believe that exercising will make a person slim and reduce belly fat, few are aware of the fact that exercising is a very slow way of losing weight as approximately 70% of weight loss depends on the diet of the person. While there are many diet plans available online, many of them use food items which are not very easily available in India, for example turkey, haddock fillet and olive oil.

As Indians become more fitness conscious, more people are looking for an Indian diet plan to reduce belly fat which uses food items which are easily available in India at an affordable cost, and can be easily prepared using the kitchen equipment available.

When the food consumed is more than the food required by the body for its daily activities, the excess food is stored as fat in different parts of the body including the belly , resulting in belly fat. To reduce belly fat, the person should ensure that the calories in the diet will be less than that required for daily activities , so it advisable to plan the diet well in advance and ensure that all the necessary food items are easily available at home.

Often when hungry or tired, people will indulge in binge eating, consuming sweet or oily items , so it is also recommended that these items are not easily available in the home or workplace for greater effectiveness of the diet

Effective Indian Diet Plan To Reduce Belly Fat

The diet can be modified depending on the availability of the items . However a Indian diet plan to reduce belly fat can consist of
Early morning : Fruit + watermelon seeds or wheatgrass juice
Breakfast: omelette/boiled egg + brown bread two slices or poha or dosa with sambhar
Mid morning : 1 glass of milk
Lunch : two rotis + 1 bowl vegetable + 1 bowl brown rice , vegetable should not be very oily
Teatime/snack: Fruit/non oily snack + green tea
Dinner : 1 bowl biryani or pulao + 1 bowl vegetable + 1 bowl curd + roti

The effectiveness of a weight loss diet also depends on the gender, age and hereditary factors and men usually have a higher metabolic rate compared to women, because they have more muscle in their body. Additionally younger people have a higher metabolic rate , and as a person grows older, his or her metabolic rate will also decline. Hereditary factors will also determine the metabolic rate of a person, in some family, due to the genetic reasons, members are slim, while in other families, members tend to put on fat on the belly and elsewhere mainly due to hereditary factors while lifestyle factors may affect weight loss to some extent.

Additionally there are some other ways of increasing the weight loss like drinking plenty of water, so that the stomach is full and the person will eat less food. It is recommended that fiber and protein rich foods are included in the diet . Dinner should be consumed before 8 pm at night for effective weight loss. However it should be noted that even though a person is adhering to the diet plan he or she may not lose weight due to some other factors like lack of enough sleep, high stress levels, lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet, and hormonal factors.