Enjoy Your Wedding Preparations Stress-free

Bridal couples take the planning time differently seriously. While some bridal couples go into the preparation phase relaxed, pure hell breaks out with others. It is compared, contrasted, tinkered, bought, argued and discussed. Of course it’s a big event, which should be as unique and perfect as possible, but too high expectations of yourself and others can completely destroy the magic and romance.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

For us the wedding may be the center of the world, for others it is just one celebration in a large series of different events. Especially when the wedding is in the far future, many friends and family members find it simply difficult to understand the excitement. Many brides react to this with complete lack of understanding, as their own feelings are in full swing. A more relaxed view of things can take the pressure off. Not much changes for the social environment and other topics also remain exciting, which does not mean that the wedding is indifferent to people. Just not that important. In your own euphoria you shouldn’t forget

It’s going to be perfect anyway

No matter how meticulous, well-planned and well-planned the wedding seems, many things don’t go according to plan. But that doesn’t matter at all: On the most important day, the bride and groom will float on cloud nine and, due to the overwhelming feelings, won’t even notice that something is deviating from the plan. Only the love, happiness and joy of everyone involved will carry the party through and even if items on the program are canceled or do not work as planned: Nobody will remember that. But in five years’ time everyone will be talking about how much fun the wedding was and how beautiful and happy the bridal couple was.

Nobody can steal the show from the bride

Many brides are also extremely worried about the guests’ cloakroom. Not too light but also not too dark, not too long, not too simple, not too festive, not too loose: Many requirements and restrictions for the guests so that the bride can come into its own. But the little secret is: The focus will be on the bride and groom and every guest will know what the big day is about. No bright and pompous dress can overshadow the bride. No guest is guaranteed to come in a wedding dress, right?

Adhere to the financial framework

Expensive weddings can cause stomach ache for newlyweds and debt can cause stress. Therefore, you should simply decide how much money you want to spend on the celebration and stay within budget . What good is a particularly exclusive buffet for the bride and groom if they have to go into debt for it before the wedding? Wonderful weddings can be organized for every budget and the financial aspect is only important to the bridal couple. The guests will look forward to every wedding, whether in a gourmet restaurant or in their own garden with a delicious barbecue buffet.

Anyone who nevertheless decides to take out a loan for the wedding should check the financing beforehand so that the most beautiful celebration in the world does not turn into a financial disaster.

A “nice-to-have” is not a “must-have”

There are now so many charming, beautiful and funny trends that run through German weddings: guest favors, Photobox, tears of joy, wedding walls, candy bar … All these and many other little things can round off and embellish a wedding, but never decide how it goes. No trend is a must! The brides are free to decide how many and what little things they want to incorporate. The only requirement is: it has to suit the wedding and the couple. Those who do not like to do handicrafts do not have to pack 120 guest gifts themselves and those who do not have a use for a photo box can simply do without them. Thousands of weddings take place every year and it is unlikely that someone felt uncomfortable at a wedding because the candy bar was missing.


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