Every Woman Should Own These 5 Accessories!

Typical scenario: Our wardrobe overflows and we still have nothing to wear. Somehow, everything we pull out and try on looks totally boring and not Instagram-compatible. you feeling similar? Before you start storming and buying new clothes, you should read on quickly. Because a trend style often requires no more than a few accessories. Here are 5 must-haves that every fashionable woman has in her closet!

1. Eye-catching shoes

The easiest and fastest way to transform a 08/15 jeans look into a wow style: eye-catching shoes. Be it brightly colored pompom sandals that give the outfit with top and shorts the Ibiza factor, sparkle high heels, thanks to which even the boyfriend jeans look super sexy or the shiny metallic sneakers that look like real jewelry. Eye-catching shoes – whether flat or high – are a real must in the closet of every stylish woman.

2. Timeless wristwatch

An elegant wristwatch is also a must-have for a better style. The accessory not only looks great and enhances our look – it also makes us look more serious and adult right away. A must for fashionistas, business women and everyone who wants to become one.

Our absolute favorite: the stainless steel watch made of scratch-resistant glazing from the Danish brand Bering. On the one hand, we love the minimalist design and the combination of the fine, silver bracelet and the golden rim, on the other hand, the women’s watch does not just look good, but is also environmentally friendly. How it works? Quite simply: the watch is a so-called solar watch, which is operated instead of using batteries with solar cells on the dial. This eliminates the annoying battery change from now on. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? You can shop for example the solar watch here at Amazon. You can find more beautiful models directly from Bering .

3. Noble bag

Well, it doesn’t have to be a real Chanel. But every woman should have a high-quality bag in her collection. And by high quality we mean: genuine leather, good workmanship and timeless design – preferably plain black, that is the easiest to combine. Real leather bags cost more than their inexpensive plastic siblings, but they have a much longer lifespan and do not go out of style so quickly.

4. Wow earrings

A little bling-bling never hurts – as long as it comes in the form of statement earrings. Unlike their relatives, the statement chains, the XXL earrings are still very popular. Really stylish and currently one of the favorite looks of fashionable women: the combination of a casual jeans outfit with a T-shirt and sparkling rhinestone earrings in an 80s look.

5. XXL sunglasses

Nothing screams “diva” more than big sunglasses. No wonder that stylish women almost never leave the house without topless. After all, the accessories simply make something special and conceal dark circles. Very popular this summer: Round and oval shapes in a retro design – often in a striking color or decorated in an exciting way.


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